Friday, 30 January 2009

not so smug and missing home

Oh, it serves me right. Having been so rude about the ability of males to fight off a poxy flu virus, I only went and came down with it too. And you know what? It isn't very nice. I have a lot more sympathy for them now than I did this time yesterday. High temperatures and hacking coughs are debilitating.

So with all four of us laid low, we have had a pretty sad day. It is the first time that D and I have both been stricken at the same time, which meant that there has been no escaping childcare duties, no matter how awful you feel. I did though pull a bit of a trump card by getting a recurring prolapsing disc to prolapse again which put Dave onto the front line.

And for the first time I am really missing home. Although we have plenty of friends here, there wasn't anyone we felt we could call up to say 'we are having a shocker - please come and help!'. I didn't want to infect anyone else, I didn't want to force anyone else outside into this shocking miserable weather to take Jess for a walk, I didn't feel that I could dump my children onto anyone whilst we recuperated. In other words, I couldn't just ring up my Mum and behave like a 3 year old, whilst she came rushing to my rescue and fed me hot tea with soothing words and a damp flannel on a fevered brow.

So we soldiered on, got through the day and are all looking forward to the end of this bug, if only so we don't have to watch 101 Dalmatians again.

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Grande Poobah said...

oh honey...

we're all kinda here - just in cyberspace not real time. So sorry to hear that you are all unwell, that really is a killer.

you'll be glad to know that the Bosnia to HK postal service is effective tho - your fantastic card arrived yesterday and is currently decorating my place. thanks!

lots of love to you all - i'll hold off with the big hugs as I don't want to come down with the same bug, ta