Wednesday, 21 January 2009

It doesn't have to be tako je kako je

The Bosnians are remarkably American orientated (particularly around here) so I wasn't too surprised to discover that the American Corner in Tuzla's Library would be showing Obama's inauguration live on TV. They had also arranged for a woman from the American Embassy to come and give a talk.

Her talk was remarkably good, concentrating upon why it is so historic having Obama elected now. She focused upon how much has changed in such a short space of time and of how important it is for the general population to engage in the political process.

I hope that the reasonably large crowd of Bosnians were listening. They are highly suspicious of their own politicians, suspecting them (usually accurately) of corruption and of serving their own interests before that of the population. However, they choose not to get involved in politics to try and change it. An astonishing number of people don't vote, let alone try and change the status quo. Instead they moan and bitch about their politicians before shrugging and saying something along the lines of tako je kako je - translating as something like it is how it is.

If the election of Obama proves anything, it proves that it doesn't have to be how it is, and that seemingly insurmountable change can come about remarkably quickly if you really want it to and are prepared to work for it. The Bosnians themselves could help change their own country by engaging in the political system rather than leaving it for those who want to be politicians.

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Grande Poobah said...

interesting - love it... one of my big frustrations is the perception that change is hard, slow, ponderous and unlikely. Actually big changes can happen very quickly, given the right circumstances and energy (think tipping point stuff) if only you get your tribe together to make it happen. I think off the back of the credit crunch (a massive change if ever there's been one) we'll see huge changes in other areas too (particularly environmental/social). You just need to find your tribe...