Friday, 23 January 2009

Playgrounds! In Tuzla!

Although there is a great playground in Sarajevo (see earlier post), the rest of the playgrounds in Bosnia leave a lot to be desired. In addition to the limited, poorly maintained and broken equipment I now have a new gripe - mud. The mud would do a trench in The Somme proud. In Tuzla it is that especially thick, stick to your shoes and make them 3 times heavier type of mud. And it is everywhere. Of course it then goes all over the limited, poorly maintained equipment making any play that might have been possible messy.

But, but but. Someone, somewhere has heard my whinging about the state of playgrounds in Bosnia and has done something about it. Now, near Slana Banja park and the saltwater Panonica Lakes, there is a whole army of bulldozers, diggers and trucks. We've been watching with interest for a while (trucks! diggers! bulldozers! Small boy heaven!). But at our last visit I realised, with a lifting of the heart and a soaring choir of angels, they were building a playground. And what a playground it will be. There are climbing frames with tunnels. There are climbing walls and things to climb all over. Slides. Swings. A load of other stuff that hasn't revealed itself yet, but looks good. It even looks as if it will have that spongy blue stuff on the floor to stop everyone hurting themselves when they inevitably fall down.

I have no idea when it will open, but we are likely to be first in the queue. Just hope they have managed to sort out the mud.


MyUSICA said...

Nice Blog, really

Hi from Italy

Grande Poobah said...


has Esther Rantzen started a campaign to freshen up Bosnian playgrounds (that's what sorted them out in the UK - I can rememeber the outrage as acres of rock hard tarmac was replaced by more child friendly rubbery bouncy stuff!)

bet the boys can hardly wait. Hell, I bet YOU can hardly wait...