Sunday, 1 February 2009

cough, splutter, hack, hack

Ok, there is one thing worse than looking after sick children when you are sick. It is looking after well children when you are sick. The boys are up and running at full speed. They are bored of the TV, snakes and ladders and making train tracks. They want to do stuff, fun stuff, stuff that involves balls, running, screaming loudly and jumping on each other. I want to crawl back under the duvet and drink Lemsip (or my new discovery Hot Tylenol). Rock on Monday. They are going to nursery to soak up some of that excess energy.

Although we took the boys to the Doctor, both D and I are not that keen on going ourselves. We are a little worried at the casualness at which antibiotics are subscribed. Adam did have a bonafide ear infection for which I can see that antibiotics are necessary but D was given precautionary antibiotics just in case the lurgy got any worse. We have also been taken aback by the lack of instructions regarding the antibiotics. I'm used to knowing exactly how much to take and for how long. Here we've just been given a bottle and told to get on with it. We've enlisted the help of GP friends back in the UK and the internet to make sense of the 5 different types of medicine we now have on our shelves.

Still everyone is on the road to recovery, and not a moment too soon. It doesn't take away from the fact that since we have been in Bosnia we have been remarkably well - only 2 viruses in 6 months. This is a family record which I am delighted about and a considerable improvement to our more usual sickly state in the UK.

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Gifts for new dads said...

I sympathize with your situation! There really is nothing worse than being sick while your kiddos are running around, healthy as can be, and not quite understanding why you can't play like you normally do! Glad you are on the mend!