Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Ice skating

Looks like Adam got his wish to try out ice skating sooner than expected. The temperature edged up near freezing last night and a very light drizzley rain fell. It then dropped again and all the water froze into a perfect ice rink that is covering the city.

Treacherous? Ah - just a little. So far today I've seen 2 people fall pretty heavily, 2 cars slide into the ones in front, did my own graceful, elegant, unrequested and rather slow 90 degree spin in the car on the road, have watched Jess slide into the fence at the bottom of the garden and it is only 9.30am. I'm planning some indoors activities for this afternoon, no way am I going to attempt to take out 2 toddlers and dog in this.

Adam appears to think that we are going to buy some ice-skates this afternoon. Luke, who doesn't like the snow and cold at the best of times is delighted with this latest turn of events.


A Khudori Soleh said...

salam from KHudori

Grande Poobah said...

Hi Em

Blimey - hope things are ok with you. I do like the mental image tho of the dog ice skating around your garden. It does sound like the right idea though to hunker down, watch some good movies and wait for spring??