Tuesday, 17 March 2009

visas ... or maybe not

The quest to obtain the proper permission to remain in this country continues. This has been going on since we got here and is becoming so unbearably bureaucratically mind numbingly dementedly dull that all we can do is laugh, shrug our shoulders and mutter, as the Bosnians do, 'this is Bosnia'

Our tourist visas ran out again so we made the trip to Serbia for coffee on Sunday (see my previous post from the last time we had to do this, deludedly thinking that that would be the last time). Dave's company is now officially registered and he has a Bosnian bank account, a Bosnian employee and a Bosnian salary. The big step forward is that company is now permitted to employ him, the creator of the company, as of last week. This is a process that has taken 8 months. Now we can start the process of obtaining temporary residency visas. Having seen the application form we suspect this will take us another 8 months. We also need to re-obtain a load of documentation, such as UK police checks, that we had already obtained before we left the UK as they are now, apparently, out of date.

Back to the police station we must go, where we will be told off, again, for not having a residency visa. We will be told, again, that as we only have a tourist visa we really ought to leave the country for 3 months before we are allowed back in again. We will be told, again, that this is the last time they will renew our visa but not until we point out that we simply cannot move this process along any faster, and it is not our fault that it is taking so long. Once again, the boys will use the corridors as 100m racing tracks and we will be told off by some scary looking policemen having cigarettes. Really, it is so frustrating and such a waste of everyones time and energy. If the powers that be in Bosnia really want people to invest in this country, and create companies which generate income and employment, they really do need to sort this process out.

Oh well, onwards and upwards.


WeDoAdventure said...

We were so fortunate to be joining an existing project with an experienced local administrator who handled all the paperwork for us. Nevertheless it was both a timely and costly process, including requests for documents that just don't exist in the UK.

Here's to courage and fortitude in the face of bureaucracy!

fraught mummy said...

So you have a temporary residency visa? I'm starting to believe that they don't actually exist but are more a figment of fantasy akin to unicorns and fairies. Time consuming and costly doesn't even start to describe the process! But, the trip to the police station went exactly as expected and the attempts to get our hands on the right visa continues!