Thursday, 12 March 2009


Adam appeared at full speed from nursery yesterday full of news.

- Mummy, mummy - I did a painting today. I used lots of colours. It was a monster.

Brilliant. Adam isn't always keen to get involved with the painting, drawing, crafty side of things. He's more of a kicking ball, running fast, climbing anything kind of kid. The nursery is obviously starting to really draw him into all their activities.

- I made it specially like you. It's a Mummy monster

Instantly I feel flattered. Most pictures made by my two are of Daddy. I'm calling the latest bunch of their pictures 'The Daddy Series'. We have Daddy, Daddy's Leg, Daddy's Head and most bizarrely, Daddy in the swimming pool x 2 all hanging up around the house at the moment. Daddy is obviously thrilled. I was just starting to feel a little put out that there were none of Mummy in the swimming pool or Mummy doing anything much.

- It's a picture just like you.

Now I'm feeling pretty touched, damp eyed almost. A picture of me! By my son! This is a first, he hasn't ever drawn a picture of me before. OK, it's a monster picture, but I'm pretty pleased with that.

- I did it for specially for you

more melting and gooeyness

- It's got a big tummy and huge ears


OK so I haven't been to the gym for a very long time and the old running shoes ain't seen much action recently, but my tummy isn't that big, is it? And big ears? Where did that one come from. Been trying to check out my reflection in the mirror ever since.


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ck said...

hahahaha! I'm so sorry to laugh, but that's really funny.

...says the girl whose daughter draws her looking like a fuzzy, pink amoeba. My daughter also likes to tell me that she's going to "zap" me a new dress. Apparently she is embarrassed by my jeans and t-shirt appearance.

She can "zap" me a new dress all she wants, but she can't make me wear it.