Wednesday, 4 March 2009

boys will be boys

Adam is newly obsessed with guns. Everything he has that can be pointed at someone is now a gun. Occasionally we branch out and it becomes a sword, but mainly it is a gun. Because Adam is obsessed with guns, Luke is too so I now have 2 small boys running around at full speed trying to shoot everything that they see.

Accompanying the shooting noises are shrieks of delight and screams of "oooby ooooby". For quite a long time I thought this was a part of the made-up language that Adam quite often uses when he is playing (which I do find quite interesting; he doesn't understand everything that is going on around him, so he makes up his own words and sounds instead). It was only yesterday that I actually listened to him and realised that ooooby oooby was in fact ubi! ubi! - Bosnian for Kill! Kill!

On the bright side he is undoubtedly talking to the other kids and learning Bosnian.


C said...

"Kill kill" in bosnian. That's... that's a bit disturbing dude.

Mummy said...

At the playground last night the big boys (about 8) were playing shooting with guns. As a life long pacifist, I find it a little unsettling that they should like guns at such a young age.

I think I am probably just being a bit too middle class about this though.