Friday, 3 July 2009

Officially Residents of Bosnia & Herzegovina

We did it! We have successfully negotiated the complex labyrinthine procedures that make up getting a residency visa here. Admittedly it is only temporary. Also admittedly mine hasn't actually come through yet but it should just be a formality.

So, this is a process that started back in mid August last year. It has involved a lot of visits to the police station, a visit to the hospital for a fun family day out, a lot of visits to the Advocat, many visits to official court translators and a lot of money (100KM / £40ish to translate a wedding certificate the most recent example).

So, now we don't have to go to Serbia every three months. We don't need to go back to the police station every 3 months. We can do things like import our car.

The kicker? It is only temporary. It expires February 2010 when we shall have to do most of the admin all over again if we want to stay any longer. Better make a start.

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Dancinfairy said...

Well congratulations on the albeit short reprive. You have much more stamina when it comes to red tape than I would ever have!

WeDoAdventure said...

Glad to hear you finally won!

Kathryn said...

Good for you!!

Amel said...

Well congratulations on behalf of Bosnian citizen living abroad :D

Big big hello from Afghanistan

gaelikaa said...

It shouldn't be so difficult next time. I have to get my permit renewed every so often too. Next time you'll know the territory!!

SandyCalico said...


Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

DF - you can only laugh, there is no other choice!

WDA - we wore them out in the end, but I mustn't get too excited. Whilst Dave has his they are still pouring over our marriage certificate so mine hasn't come through yet...

Kathryn - thanks!

Amel - going to try for the Afghani citizenship soon then?

Gaelikka - we certainly know everybody and which offices they are in!

SC - thanks, it is a relief.

Metropolitan Mum said...


I have tagged you over at mine :-)