Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Best of British Mummy Bloggers Carnival!

This being the summer and all, the Best of British Mummy (and Daddy) Blogging Carnival has got out its passport, packed its bags with suntan lotion, a very flattering swimsuit, the odd sarong and some glamorous strappy sandals and gone abroad. Not to the most obvious of holiday destinations, admittedly, but welcome to Bosnia. We’re sitting on the terrace, sipping a chilled white wine (some brave souls might be sampling the local slivovica or plum brandy but it is too strong for me) and chitchatting about the best tales of parenthood told on Mummy and Daddy blogs over the last month.

Grab a glass, get into the holiday spirit and let us begin:

To make us laugh, cry, sigh and nod our heads in empathy we have:

Perfectly Happy Mum writes a letter to her old boss in which she describes her feelings about his attitude towards her during her pregnancy and return to work post baby.

Yummy Mammy has a set back in court which breaks her heart. You should all read this post, it will make you think and causes much discussion on the terrace as people try to work out what we can do to help.

Four Down Mum to Go (mother to FOUR boys, how does she make it throught the day, let alone write a blog?) writes a wonderful post about how she feels about the love between a mother and her boys in Love Is...

Half Mum Half Biscuit isn't sure about meeting her exes new girlfriend in Isn't the Mind Weird?

Maternal Tales claiming that this will be the last ever poo story in Poo Stories RIP. We do hope not.

Battling with Sanity also recounts a poo based story in curls and crying and as mother of a recently potty trained toddler, I feel her pain

Sticking on the poo story tack (and fortuitously following on from my last post) is Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy?, whose husband requires a long receipt...

Mummy Do That isn't quite at the poo story stage of potty training yet, but can't believe that it might be that time already

Sandy Calico has quite a day travelling the full spectrum of mummy emotions (don’t worry, Sandy, the terrace is nodding in agreement, we have all been there) before singing live at a gig (the terrace is extremely impressed, few of us have been there!)

Being a Mummy has a VERY long afternoon as a very cherished possession has an unexpected adventure in The Longest Ten Minutes of My Life

Lush Wife has an afternoon of freedom and a freebie lunch with a new breed of journalists which differed somewhat to the freebie lunches when she was a ‘mere hackette’ in Don't Know They're Born

The Potty Diaries are featured in The Times Alpha Mummy site, but her husbands eye is caught by other things in Love and Marriage

A Modern Mother peruses the sights of the Henley Royal Regatta, a post to make any stressed mummy sit back and smile in Whatever Rows Your Boat

MammaPo is so proud of her daughter who demonstrates such character in her sports day in Sack Queen

Wife of Bold has also been cheering on her daughter at her sports day, reminding her competitive husband that it is not about the winning

Supply and Demands wonders why any of us adults would put ourselves through the competitive misery of sports day 30 years after we last HAD to do it

ClareyBabbling has quite a surprise at the vets in Balls!

Tattie Weasle has a novel idea for getting her boys to share in Are You a Saint Mummy (or why I will never be canonised).

Little Garden Helpers have been busy planting seeds with the help of Garden Cow

The New Mummy discovers all those moments that her baby thinks she is an Evil Mummy (and this mummy would add that the Evil Mummy moments only get more frequent as they get older, and mine are nowhere near teenagers yet!)

It's a small world after all have got the travelling bug, and learn a short history lesson from their trip to the Tower of London - much of which they would like to teach Boris!

Cafe Bebe is enjoying funny cuddles with her little girl

Yummy Mummy Tips has a very blonde day in Amsterdam airport

The To Do list of the Dulwich Divorcee remains frighteningly long, we just hope the teachers make it through in one piece.

Jo Beaufoix is getting rid of some steam with a word or two about Psychopaths and Solicitors

Dancin Fairy is just wondering what is actually needed by a new Mummy in Because My Last Request Worked So Well and is deep in conversation with Grown KTP, who tries to give some ideas in her Best and Worst of Baby Products post

The terrace is absolutely full now, sadly, we only have space for 25 and we've already packed more in than that. I hope that the people who couldn't make it are not too disappointed.

The evening draws to a close. All that remains is to clean up the debris and to make a date for the next one. Rebel Mother is up for the hosting challenge on 21st July. If you want an invite send her a link to your best post at rebelmother (at) googlemail (dot) com. I'm looking forward to it already.


Dancinfairy said...

Darnit. My being all organised and sending my submission early 'just in case the baby had arrived' has backfired. I am still here, in front of the computer with Squigler staying exactly where he wants to be!

Oh well, at least I have all these great blog posts to read. That should use up some time. Thanks for including me!

Maternal Tales said...

Ooh the list sounds great. Budge up, pour us a glass of wine and I'll come join you on the terrace for a good old read x

Potty Mummy said...

Great post / list. And I just read the post below too - yeeeeeuuuuuccccchhhh. Please tell me the dog didn't kiss you goodnight?

Katherine said...

Ooooo thanks for getting me my last minute flight! Will try to be a bit more prompt next carnival. Anyway, I'm having a lovely time and, oppps, I think I've just drained that bottle of plum brandy (?!)You can rely on me to drink the rough stuff ;-)

Mwa said...

Just found your blog, and already such a helpful one. Am trying all those blogs tonight!

SandyCalico said...

Thanks for organising our jolly in Bosnia, hic!
Well done for putting this together, it must have taken you ages.
More fab new blogs to read, it'll be a late night for me again!
Thanks for including my post too x

Jo Beaufoix said...

Thanks for hosting lovely. Looking forward to a good read soon.

clareybabble said...

Thanks for hosting the carnival. I can't wait to do mine in September although it will be at a far less glamourous location ;) xx

Victoria said...

Thanks for including me. I've tagged you over at mine for the 8 things list thingy. http://itsasmallworldafterallfamily.wordpress.com/2009/07/11/the-8-things-tag/ Enjoy!

Yummy Mammy said...

And as always I'm the last to arrive. It was those damned heels of mine, you know how it is. I may be in crisis but I still have to look my best.

Cheers for the mention and all your support xx

Anonymous said...