Thursday, 18 June 2009

1 Today

Brits In Bosnia is one year old today. A year ago we hadn't even started packing up our English house. We've come a long way, in many senses, since then.

In a nostalgic mood, I've been looking over some old posts to remind myself of some of the tales (and trials) of the last year and thought I'd highlight my favourite ones here; it is National Recycling Week after all - more about which later, once I've finished popping party poppers and blowing up balloons.

Olympic Dreams: The one where I'm ambushed by the Croatian water polo team on TV during the Olympics. It wasn't pretty then, it's not pretty now.

Boslish / Engian: The one where we discover that names don't always translate

Fireworks and Flowerpots: the one where Adam goes to the Ambassadors Residence for a party and pees in his flower pots.

The Thing About Winter: the one where I look forward to summer as I try to get the kids ready to go out in the snow. Having read it again, I'm not sure I can do another winter here.

Lost in Translation: the one where Luke's teacher and I get in a right old muddle as an English phrase just doesn't translate.

Important bits of English Culture : the one where Adam is introduced to that all important part of English culture - shouting at the TV whilst watching our national team lose.

La La La La Laaaaa: And the award for the Bosnian's favourite comedy show goes unexpectedly to...

Potty Training, It all depends : the one where I start thinking about potty training, and, more importantly, what other people mean by potty trained.

R&R? : The one where I'm preparing (ha ha ha) to fly home with the kids.

That's enough birthday indulgence. I'm off to over-indulge in chocolate cake and hula hoops and then I'll run around manically, screaming at the top of my voice before being sick and declaring it to be the best birthday ever!


Metropolitan Mum said...

Happy Birthday! And thanks for the eclectic choice of BiB posts.
Here's to many more birthdays to come (raising my coffee cup)!

Maternal Tales said...

Congratulations - wow - a whole year old - now that is very good going indeed. Looks like I have a whole load of fab posts to catch up on too! Sounds good to me x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, it is riveting to read about life somewhere I know nothing whatsoever about.
omedetougozaimasu from Japan.

Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

Many happy returns.
And chocolate cake, hula hoops and screaming - that's my kind of party!

clareybabble said...

Ahhhh I'm so behind!! Happy, happy belated birthday xx