Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Potty Training.. Round 4

The time has come. The weather is good and I can get clothes washed and dried quickly. The boys can run around outside all day which minimises mopping of floors and washing of sofas. We are not going anywhere for a while (actually given the state of our finances we are probably never going anywhere ever again). He is old enough, he knows what a potty is for, he has been known to use it. He is ready.

The current score is Attempts to Potty Train 3: Successful Attempts to Potty Train 0. Notwithstanding that sad statistic and remembering that it is the final attempt that counts, we are going in again. Luke, prepare to bid those nappies goodbye.

I'm pretty pleased that I am not alone in the bloggy world on doing battles with the nappies. Maternal Tales and Moaning Mum are also in the throes of it. I wish them luck in their venture and a call to arms to share stories of pain together to make me feel better and see the funny side of cleaning up poo smeared all over my clothes, the sofa, the dog. Actually Maternal Tales is pretty good at this already, her tales of poo and cars reminded me not to take any long journeys until Luke is at least 6. See I'm smiling and almost looking forward to it.

Also, the Best of British Mummy Bloggers Carnival is up and ready to go. Head over to Rosie Scribble for all the tales of the best and worst aspects of parenting.


Maternal Tales said...

Oh - good luck, good luck, good luck. I feel your pain. We are so not done and dusted over here. Edie's ok with the wees, but she's driving me mad with the poos. We've had two poos on the floor yesterday and I can't remember the last time one actually went in the potty (er..come to think of it, it was probably in the car, which as we know didn't stay in the potty). Oh, and did I ever tell you about the time when I ate some poo??? Now if that doesn't put you off potty training then nothing will - a quick link just in case you haven't had enough of my poo stories !! - http://emilybassin.blogspot.com/2009/03/this-takes-biscuit_09.html
Good luck honey - I know Luke can do it!!!! xxxxxx

ck said...

Good luck! If nothing else, potty training provides stretches of hilarious stories.

Because eventually they HAVE to learn how to survive without diapers...right?

FranticMommy said...

Hi Fraught Mummy, it's FranticMommy. I love your blog. We are in the midst of potty training too. Our daughter is 3.5 and has slammed the brakes as far as using the pot (I thought girls were supposed to be EASIER). Love your blog!

rosiescribble said...

Many thanks for mentioning the carnival and thanks for your contribution.

So pleased I'm well passed the potty training stage!

clareybabble said...

Ahhh potty training, not looking forward to that again! My son refused to use the potty and spent ages weeing and pooing on the floor. Although he got weeing sorted it took a while for him to poo in the toilet. He used to ask for a nappy. He still wears pull ups at night. That's the next challenge! Good luck xx

Mama Nut said...

I have potty training nightmares!! Seriously. NO joke. My kid will NOT use the potty... but then again he is "special needs". They say I will be lucky if he is out of diapers before kindergarten. Lucky me.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Day one update - not so bad, I'm pretty proud of Lukey. Couple of accidents but nothing we couldn't handle. We do ok as long as we stay at home. Day 2 coming up.

MT - good luck to you too. We (and they) can do it!

ck - yes, surely, they must learn how to eventually, don't they?

FM - good luck. It is not the most fun stage of having children is it? hope it is going well

RS - right now I long to write the words, I'm long past the potty training stage! And thanks for doing the carnival, it looks great!

MN - does that mean you can abandon potty training for the moment? Good luck to you too - everyone doing battle with the potty needs all the help they can get.

cartside said...

oh potty training. That reminds me. I guess I need to do it soon too. can't put it off forever or can I? Imagine, a friend's daughter potty trained herself overnight. Not kidding!