Friday, 2 October 2009

A little on the chilly side

One of the great things about living in Tuzla during the winter is muncipal heating. They (the great they, don't know who they are but I love them) take the hot water from the cooling towers of one of the factories on the outskirts of town and pump it around the city. It works brilliantly, our heaters are always toasty warm and when the Russians turn off the gas pipeline to Europe as happened last January, it means that we don't lose our heating. Unlike Sarajevo, so that is one plus point for Tuzla then.

There is only a teeny tiny little problem. They (the great they, they are my friends, I love them, I hope they read my blog and take notice of what I am saying) don't turn on the heating until the middle of October. If it gets cold before then, you have to, well, tough it out.

Now, I'm not saying it is cold now - in fact it was a very pleasant 28C yesterday which is warmer than most of Britain for most of the summer. But, it is starting to get chillier. And temperatures in Bosnia often drop about 20C overnight. Today the estimated maximum is 20C. I don't know what the actual temperature is but it feels quite a bit colder than that as I've had to find jumpers, woolly socks and am drinking tea by the vat.

Two weeks to go until the heating gets turned on. Until then, here's to wearing scarves inside and hoping for the warmer autumnal weather to come back. Unless they are reading that is.


TheMadHouse said...

Wow that is so cool (we warm), what a fab way to heat everyone and also so green and envirnmental.

We were without heating for a period last Autum and resorted to the following, thermals (for everyone), hot water bottles, heated blankets, layers (lots), throuws and blankets, draft excluders, heavy lined curtains, lots of warm drinks, staying in the kitchen (cooker heated the room), but best of all lots of cuddles.

MuddynoSugar said...

I agree, super environmentally friendly - unless the weather gets warm - can you turn the heat off in your house if you don't need it?

Personally I am a blanket lover and fully fledged member of the cardy wearing club I love to wrap up warm. This is because:

a) Wearing big wooly clothes covers a multitude of sins and
b)Yay an excuse for hot chocolates..Ooh and Marshmellows.

Roll on the cold weather..!

Catharine Withenay said...

What a fantastic, environmentally friendly initiative. Shame it depends on dates not temperature. We have just turned on a single night storage heater (I hate them) and the living room is stifling ... and the rest of the house is cold. Oh, how I look forward to winter ...

Mwa said...

I'd love to have that kind of heating! No more worrying you're destroying the planet by turning the radiators up. I hope you don't freeze first.

Tattie Weasle said...

No they'll be reading it - it's far too good to miss! I partic like the naughty step situation. Note to self Better try this at home!

nappy valley girl said...

I'd be hopeless, I always want the heating on long before most people. Result of growing up in the tropics. Here, it has suddenly turned much colder too, but our house seems to have retained the summer heat quite well so far. I fear it's only a matter of days until I need the thermostat turned up, though.

London City Mum said...

Being slightly sado-masochistic, I always think of the extra calories I am burning when the heating (under whatever format) is insufficient!

Not very helpful, but hey! One to ponder ;-)


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

I want to be excited about the "environment" aspect of this - but cold is cold and dag gummit I want a choice as to weather I'm a good green person or not! :P Ah well, do make the best of it and have lots and lots of hot cocoa - guilt free! :)

Iota said...

Maybe "They" have shares in the local woolly socks factory, in which case, I think it's a lost cause.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

MH - would be environmentally sound if we didn't take the factory from where the heating comes into account! An environmental disaster.

Muddy - You can turn your own heaters on and off. Or open the windows!

CW - I'm only whinging. It isn't actually cold at all here, but it will be soon.

Mwa - best bit about it is that I don't feel bad about opening all the windows to air the house as it doesn't make a difference to the environment or our pockets.

TW - Do try naughty step at home. Hope they are reading. They are starting to get ready for winter though. They were round the other day checking out all the pipes in preparation.

NVG - Houses are amazing. Ours has kept its heat for a while, but seemed quite cool in the summer.

LCM - a few more calories are definitely needed to be burnt.

Gringa - Exactly!

Iota - Weirdly, the local woolly socks factory is striking at the moment as they haven't been paid in months... I suspect everyone will cave with the arrival of the first snow.

angelsandurchinsblog said...

Lather on lots of moisturiser - it will sink in better in the heat! This tip is from a permanently groomed friend who only turns the heat up a fraction in case it dries her skin!

Rebel Mother said...

I remember the Russians turning off that gas pipe. shocking.

Keep warm sweetie - I hate being cold. Even in summer I have my jumper handy - (English Summer's that is, and a rain mack, and a brolly and boots etc etc etc)


whistlejacket said...

Quite annoying that the heating's not within your control! Hopefully you'll be ok until mid Oct - not long now. I was going to say that it must be tricky worrying about little ones getting cold, but mine never seem to feel the cold anyway! I've tagged you with the Gift for Life meme at mine.

Metropolitan Mum said...

This could have happened to you and your family in Germany as well, where heating in some appartment buildings is 'managed' centrally by the housekeeper.

Troutie said...

Special secret: I work in a women's prison. They too have 'date' when they turn on the heating. And tough shit to you if it gets cold before then. Wankers. It's not even for environmental reasons.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

A&U - Good tip. My hands are starting to crack up already, so it is not boding well for winter.

RM - It was shocking. We were ok, but people in Sarajevo and other cities that rely on gas had a real problem.

WJ - Once the heating is on then we can adjust. It is just waiting for it to happen. Thanks for the tag.

MM - It does make some sense. It isn't that cold, we don't really need it, but I'm just a bit chilly with a whole lot of jumpers on. And getting out of bed in the morning is not an attractive option.

Troutie - I think my school was like that too. I remember freezing in october. Wasn't for environmental reasons either...


I found you from fanciful alices blog
I am loving your blog and i wish we all had that kind of municipal heating
Would save a small fortune