Sunday, 6 July 2008

Enjoying the music

Hand in hand with worrying about losing the Mothers' Union in my day to day life, I worry about losing all my local knowledge. Here I know how to get things done, who to call, where to go and who to ask. I know what there is to do round here and when there are big events to go to. In Bosnia we'll be reliant upon a much smaller group of people to let us know how to do things and what is going on.

In our last few weeks in the UK we've been making a conscious effort to do all those things that are on our doorstep. We've used the splash parks and adventure playgrounds and been swimming (a big thank you to the City Council for making all this free for children). We've watched cricket games and rowing races and looked at dinosaurs in the museums. Yesterday we braved the rain and went to a music festival and danced the day and quite a lot of the night away. The boys were in seventh heaven, particularly with the fairground rides and we even got to listen to some music. This morning A was full of talk about the day, chit chatting about the songs he had heard and the other children who were there.

Obviously there are many events in Bosnia which we can go to, and they also have much better summertime weather in which to enjoy such jamborees. But I still worry that not only will I have less day to day activities to do with the boys but somehow we might miss out on some bigger special treat type events. And when I think back to my childhood it is the special treat type of events that I remember most fondly.

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C said...

God, is A CHATTING already? I really must come to see them. Warm up the guest room in Tuzla, I'm totally coming to visit.