Monday, 14 July 2008


Just when it was all going so well...

We had checked the Foreign Office website, honest. It was just that, what with having lived in Bosnia already and been back to visit last year, we hadn't checked it very recently. Turns out that since Bosnia has signed the SAA (stabilisation and association agreement which puts them on track to talk about joining the EU at some point) they have really tightened up on border controls. No longer is it the wild west.

So now we have a number of issues that need to be dealt with.
- I can't bring the boys to Bosnia on my own without a letter from D giving his consent to our travel that has been notarised by a proper notary.
- We need a police check confirming that we don't have a criminal record

I can go on (and on and on). There are issues with the car. There are issues with how long we plan to stay. There are issues with health cover. All of these require documents and will take time, something we don't have a whole lot of.

Should have read the bloody advice. I thought we had quite a lot to do before, now we really are snowed. Ah well, you live and learn.

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