Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Admin is the key

Slowly we crawl towards the emigrating status. D has returned triumphant, already morphing the memories of a long, hot car trip with grumpy people into an epic journey, memories of which will be embroidered over late night beers for years to come. More importantly he also brings with him our notarised document with a proper looking red sealed stamp and everything which states that I have his permission to travel on my own with the kids. The appointment with the vet to get the last minute health checks for the dog is drawing near. I'm repacking various bags to try and get rid of some of the rubbish I seem to think is indispensable.

We actually leave on Friday, and are driving out with the dog, but leaving the boys in London with my Mum before I fly back in 10 days or so to pick them up. Mum, very sensibly, has looked at the prospect of 10 days with 2 rampaging toddlers shouting 'poo poo face' and (newly today - oh the joys - and annoyingly this time it is me who is guilty) 'bollocks' and has hired a nanny. The lovely Nalge, who has spent years working with a family in Hongkong is arriving on Thursday. I'm just hoping her lovely HK family weren't too beautifully behaved and she's used to the delights of male toddlers and won't be too embarrassed by A's latest favourite discussion about whether willies should be inside or outside of pants.

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