Thursday, 11 March 2010

A Tribute to Mothers... our mothers. The Gratitude Tag

A while back I wrote a post about taking my boys ice-skating and how much they enjoyed it and how much I hated it. That post really struck a chord with that lovely Hong Kong blogger, Bloomin Marvelous, who wrote a post about how we don't really appreciate what our mothers did for us until we become mothers ourselves. She has a point. I had no idea how often my Mum had been up during the night, cleaned up vile smelling substances, counted to ten in her head before tackling some dreadful behaviour, stood freezing in thigh deep Arctic waters willing us to learn how to swim, until I had to do it all myself.

Bloomin Marvelous also tagged me in her Gratitude Tag to write a bit about my mother, to celebrate her and say why she is so amazing. And in the run up to Mother's Day I thought I should finally take her up on it. For much as Mother's Day is all about me in this household, it is a chance to say thanks to my Mum and sorry that I won't be there this year to join you all. Next year, I promise.

Both Mum and Dad had, shall we say, less than conventional upbringings. But somehow, they have created a really strong, close family. I can't underestimate how difficult this must have been. Everyone says that you will replicate the mistakes of your parents, but Mum didn't. She made her own decisions and created her own path and my brothers and I have been the incredibly fortunate beneficiaries of that. There was nothing that she wouldn't do for us growing up. She was always there, listening, helping, teaching. We moved about a bit, lived in other countries but Mum didn't falter. She went to another culture and carried on, creating and nuturing her family, whatever the differences and difficulties that the outside world had to throw at her. Now I am living in another culture I know how difficult that is. She did an amazing job.

She wasn't afraid to buck the system. Taking my brother and I out of school for a month because we had an opportunity to go to Africa. The school weren't happy, Mum said 'stuff them'. I remember more from that trip today than from all the rest of my primary school days put together. It was the right decision.

She's glamorous too, my Mum. I mean, she looks amazing. She has great style, I'm envious of her clothes. She's too small for me to borrow many of her clothes but if I could, I would. She is the most likely person to tell me of a new clothes shop find, or an amazing shoe shop. Most people are worried if they dress like their mothers. Me? Well I'm just thrilled if I manage to pull off that look.

Now I'm an adult. Well, there is noone else who will listen to me whitter on about my children for hours on end and still sound interested at the end of it all. No one else will sit for hours looking at different clothes on websites talking about what will suit me and when will I wear it. I'm incredibly lucky, my mother is amazing. If I can do half as good a job as her then I will be so proud with what I have achieved.

So Mum, Happy Mother's Day and I don't have the words to say how much I love you. Thank you for everything.

I offer this tag up to anyone that wants to take it up, but in particular, if they fancy it:

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London City Mum
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zooarchaeologist said...

Its times like this that really make you sit down and appreciate what they did for you isn't it. Your mum sounds great!

zooarchaeologist said...

Its times like this that really make you sit down and appreciate what they did for you isn't it. Your mum sounds great!

zooarchaeologist said...

Its times like this that really make you sit down and appreciate what they did for you isn't it. Your mum sounds great!

Gappy said...

Thank you for the tag. x

And what a lovely gift to your mother on her special day. My mother is also made of inspiring stuff.

Will get onto it right away.

London City Mum said...

Was just looking for some inspiration for my next post - you have readily provided it, thank you!


p.s. and have just signed up for Cyber Mummy so will see you there in person

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post x

Modern Dilemma said...

Great post and thanks for the tag. I'm onto it and shall post before Mothers Day. Am emotionally drained from writing about my Grandfather for this week's Writing Workshop at the moment so need to reset my emotion levels. Off to bake 50 cupcakes for toddler group mother's day gifts. That should do it!

MD x

Mummy Zen said...

She sounds like a great mum and I'm sure she'll appreciate all the nice things you've said about her.

Nicola said...

Your mum sounds fantastic. What a lovely, lovely tribute to her. You're very lucky.

Paradise Lost In Translation said...

Great idea, great tag & a lovely touching tribute to yr mum.

TheMadHouse said...

You mum sounds amazing, three cheers for good mothers

Anonymous said...

She sounds great!! but Happy Mother's Day to you too!!

family Affairs said...

AAAH what a lovely post and aren't you lucky Lx

Mamma Po said...

How lovely. She sounds more like your best friend than your mum. But maybe that's exactly what a good mother should be.

I hope I have that kind of relationship with my daughter - and son too, for that matter! I certainly feel lucky that I also have a friend for a mum :-)

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Zoo Arch - She is, and I never realised how great until I became a Mum.

Gappy - can't wait to read your post. x

LCM - thought your post was great. And has your Mum taken up the ski jumping today?

Mummmeeeee - thanks x

Modern Dilemma - 50 cupcakes. You are GOOOOD.

Mummy Zen - she is.

Nicola - she is tops.

pardise - take on the tag if you fancy it. x

MH - exactly hip hip hooray

kathryn - thanks!

Family Affairs - I am, very.

Mamma Po - she is. You'll probably meet her in the IoW this summer. x

Mummy said...

thank you so much for taking this on. Being a better connected blogger than I, I know this will now have legs.

I think your Mum and mine would get on rather well!

Kate said...

What a lovely post. Your mum will be thrilled. I've tagged you in on a photo meme over at mine. Hope you don't mind.

A Modern Mother said...

She's right you know. You don't appreciate your mum so much until you have kids. So now I know where you get your wanderer genes from!

Patty said...

A lovely tribute, Happy Mother's Day!

Michelloui said...

I hope I am so lucky as to have this kind of tribute from my daughter one day! Your mum sounds awesome, and this is a really wonderful tribute to her.

Thank you for the tag, I shall do my best this morning. x

angelsandurchinsblog said...

Hope your mum reads this because she couldn't help but be moved. And can I move in on her wardrobe (though I suspect I'd be far too vast to dip more than a toe in!). A great example of parents knowing best too, particularly the month in Africa - your childhood sounds completely wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Tough, you're lumbered with a pair of sons. But hopefully they'll bring you a bunch of flowers from the petrol station!

Anonymous said...

Aren't Mothers just the best thing ever? Great tribute :) Happy Mother's Day to your Mummy and to you

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Mummy - it was a great tag, sorry it took me so long to do it. I think they probably would!

Kate - Oh goody, I'll be over to have a look.

MM - The itchy feet are definitely from Mum and Dad. Interestingly my brothers don't have them!

patty - Thanks. same to you.

Michelloui - Look forward to reading it!

A&U - She did, and she enjoyed it. I'm busy protecting her wardrobe though, first dibs to me!

Owen, some plastic flowers from Tus supermarket and some cards, who could ask for more!

Eterally Distracted - they are, the really are!

Cindy said...

It's amazing what our mom's do for us and we don't realize it til we are grown.

Anonymous said...

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