Friday, 19 March 2010

Dear So and So... the final Bosnian edition?

I just realised that there is a high probability that I will be flying back with the boys to the UK next Friday. That is in SEVEN DAYS. Has the time come yet to panic? Probably. Best not to think about it I feel. Concentrate on thoughts of Thai food and sausages, ignore state of house and the fact that I haven't found yet the suitcases I need to pack the boys stuff. It'll all be alright in the end. Far better idea to get cracking on one of Kat's Dear So and So blog posts. Much more enjoyable. I can always start the packing tomorrow.


Dear Winter,

You are DONE. Dusted. Dispatched. Get ye out of here and don't come back. The snow is melted. The sun is out. The smog and pollution is lifting. As they say around here Dosta Zima! (Enough of winter). We won't miss you.

Don't even think of a final hoorah,
Fraught Mummy.


Dear Car People,

You tried your best. The old yes you have everything you need but what about another sticker on this bit of paper that we haven't told you about before line just didn't cut the mustard. You folded in the end. You have no idea how pleased I am to have the car back. Really didn't know how we were going to get all our stuff back to the UK if you hadn't got bored of us.

Yours, looking pretty mobile

PS - lets not cause us any problems when we have to come and see you in about 2 weeks to sort out the export of the car...


Dear Tuzla Authorities,

Look! It's Spring! The sun is shining! Everyone is out and wants to play outside. Please please please can you open the playground now? Please?

Yours, not above begging,


Dear House,

You are falling apart. The fusing of all the kitchen appliances last night was not what was required. Can you just hold it together for a few more weeks? Then we'll be gone and won't have to worry.

Yours, not very good at DIY


Dear Tuzla Restaurants,

For all this time we didn't believe that any of you did delivery food. But with the failure of kitchen appliances and no way to cook supper the other night we were proved wrong. Not only is there home delivery, but you can do it all online and the pizzas were really good (Pizza Trkacica if anyone interested). Now, if we could just work on the take-away coffee concept...

Yours, enjoying the Bosanska Pizza,


Dear Mosque over the road,

Is your microphone broken? This morning I awoke to hear the call to prayer by all the other mosques but couldn't hear you (and we can't miss it when you get calling). Thinking about it earlier, I can't remember the last time I heard it. Hope you fix it soon, but if you wanted to wait until we've moved that would be fine by me too, it is an early start to the morning for us non-Muslims.

Yours, in peace


Dear friends in Sarajevo,

After I drop the boys off in the UK with my brave and fearless mother (I'm not sure she has totally appreciated what she is taking on) I'm flying back to Sarajevo for a few days. Anyone around Friday April 2nd and fancy a coffee?

Yours, in excitement about a day in the big city without small children to entertain as well,
FM (except I won't be so fraught, more enjoying the swanky bars and cheese cake in the BBI Centar)


Dear Tuzla,

You do look so much better when it isn't winter. The skies are clear, the air is so much less polluted. Everyone is having coffee outside. People are out for a stroll in the evening. Really, the spring and summer is when you are at your best. Can't believe we are going to be leaving you now. We'll miss you.

Yours, feeling a touch emotional, and deeply envious of the fun you guys have coming over the next couple of months,


Dear driver of the car that hit the dog down the road,

You were driving far too fast. And then you hit a dog, breaking its hip or leg. And then you left it there in agony. I hope you are ashamed of yourselves.

Yours, unable to talk with fury,


Dear neighbours,

It was great to see that everyone got together to help this dog, particularly as you are not, in general, a nation of dog lovers. She had shelter, blankets, food and was being kept clean. Particular gratitude to the people who came to take her to the vet, which isn't cheap. The lady in the shop said that you had said that you were going to keep her if the vet could do something for her. I hope she is ok.

Yours, still finding the life that dogs have here difficult to deal with,


Dear Mayor,

Are you building another fountain? Pretty sure that the one thing Tuzla doesn't need is any more fountains.

Yours, liking the fountains that are here but feeling there are probably enough,

PS - Tuzla also has enough hairdressers, driving schools, betting shops and cafes. Just in case you were wondering.


Dear Boys,

It is spring! How exciting is that? So now we can go outside and play football and draw rockets, go exploring in the woods in Slana Banja whilst fighting dragons and making up stories of whispering armies leading us through the canyons. I've got some new chalks for us, let's play hopscotch this afternoon. And I promise you that you will see a playground in the next two weeks. Life doesn't get more exciting than this. Oh yes it can, you can also have sausages and baked beans for supper in the next two weeks too.

Much love and kisses
Mummy xxxx


Fancy a go yourself? Make sure you head on over to Kat's to sign up so we can all come and read them.


TheMadHouse said...

Oh you have the car back - woohoo and back flips.

I hope everything else goes smoothly

Very Bored in Catalunya said...

Hope you manage to export your car much more easily. Can't believe that you've only just discovered the take aways, isn't that always the way.

Hope the move back goes as smoothly as possible.

Kat said...

I can't wait to see you at CyberMummy!! *so so so so so excited* !!!!

Gappy said...

You're going to carry on blogging when you get back to the U.K. right?

Alix said...

Wow! Lots to talk about today, but my mind keeps wandering back to the poor dog. What ever happened to him, or don't I want to know?

Iota said...

You sound as if you have a spring in your step, as well as seeing it around you.

Anonymous said...

I imagine you will miss your house but it's an exciting time all the same. Really enjoyed your post.

CJ xx

Calif Lorna said...

How can the playground still be closed?! Can't you climb over the fence!

Would love to meet you for a child-free cheesecake and coffee, wish I was a bit closer :)

lastofthemojitos said...

I love these, I must check out Kat and have myself some Dear So and So therapy one of these days. The poor dog, hope he's doing ok and finds a good home x

Hot Cross Mum said...

I so love these. Am a bit distressed about the dog though. Sounds like he was well looked after though. Hope the move goes well.

Ju said...

Brilliant post. Hope you're not flying BA.
And looking forward to finding out the new name of the blog.


Your postcard posts are great!

Mwa said...

So exciting having the move close!

London City Mum said...

Yay - can I just give you a huge hug when we finally meet? Do away with any niceties, in proper Bosnian style.


nappy valley girl said...

Isn't spring marvellous? The boys have been outside nonstop for the past 3 days....

Well done re the car - I hope you are able to get it out of the country!

Mamma Po said...

Noooooo! It can't be the last post from Tuzla...surely?? Has it come around so soon?!

Promise it won't be the last So and So post though? I want a whole new volume starting that details your every move back to the UK. Starting at the airport in Bosnia pls.

Good luck with the packing hun. I don't envy you (although strangely cathartic and soothing after it's all done...). xxx

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Madhouse - double back flips and a yippeee ai ay! We are MOBILE!

VBC - I'm not holding my breath on the export front... the pain is there to be had.

Kat - me too.

Gappy - I think so, but I'll need to start a new blog, can't be Brits in Bosnia when we are so not in Bosnia.

Alix - I don't know. But she did go to the vet, which is a whole lot better than a lot of the dogs that get hit around here. (there are a LOT of strays here).

Iota - amazing what a bit of sunshine and nice weather does!

CJ - We'll miss Bosnia, but at the same time I am excited about coming back.

CalifLorna - we tried, got turfed out by officious security guard. grrrr.

Mojitos - Do have a go, they are such fun to write.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

HCM - The dogs here don't have a nice life. It distresses me everyday.

Ju - WE ARE (well that is the idea) and we may well not be flying the day we want to. Don't start me on it, I'm spitting with fury.

LovemyBaby - thanks!

Mwa - I've so got my head firmly stuck in the sand about how much we have to do before we go.

LCM - It's a PLAN. PS - am going to be in Barnes for a few days before I come back to Sarajevo (sans kids). Whereabouts are you based again?

NVG - LOVE Spring. Mine are firmly outside and loving it.

MammaPo - not last post, and us grown ups don't actually move back until the middle of April. There'll be few more Bosnia posts...

Modern Dilemma said...

You are a funny bunny, some made me chuckle but some made me mad (poor dog). Great post and what exciting times ahead for you Brits. You must keep blogging though, we would miss you terribly. Perhaps you should have a competition to name the new blog?

MD xx

Kate said...

Wish the microphone on our mosque was broken! Good luck with the move and enjoy your few days of Bosnian freedom sans enfants!

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Modern Dilemma - I was thinking of doing a competition actually... we shall see. Need to negotiate BA back home otherwise we may be Brits in Bosnia for a while longer.

Kate - I think it is broken. It's really nice actually. Either that or they have turned the volume down which is also most welcome.

angelsandurchinsblog said...

Dear Brits in Bosnia

We'll miss your postings, and were very glad to hear you'd discovered fab pizza delivery. And with the state of the kitchen, you might well need it again before the off. Please make sure you tell everyone your new URL asap. Best of luck with the move home, and see you at CyberMummy!

Sparx said...

Wow, are you really coming back for good? Coooool!! Good news on the car too and best of luck with the move!

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

A&U - just need to think up a new name for a blog...

Sparx - Thanks! Hope to meet you and the spud soon!

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Fingers and toes crossed on the car front and the moving front too come to think of it

Nishant said...

Can't believe that you've only just discovered the take aways, isn't that always the way.

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Anonymous said...

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