Friday, 6 February 2009

Help a tourist day in Tuzla

Our British car is still looking very British with GB stickers and licence plates all over it (not to mention the right hand drive aspect of the car). Whilst foreign cars are very common in Tuzla (Austrian, Dutch, French and Italian being the most popular) the British cars are few and far between. I have seen one other, a bright blue Smart car, we waved at each other in a moment of solidarity.

Anyhow, driving a British car makes us a bit conspicuous. People tend to notice us, especially the police. Driving to nursery today we came to their attention. I was indicating to turn left and waiting for a gap in the traffic. There weren't any so we waited for quite a while. Now, I grew up and learnt how to drive in London, busy roads are not a problem; if there is a gap in traffic I will take it. Trust me, there weren't any gaps in the traffic which would enable me to safely make the turn but I'm happy to wait.

The local traffic policeman couldn't take the incompetent cautious English driver any longer. He put down his coffee, strode across the road, stopped the oncoming traffic and waved us across, giving us a little wave as he did so. The boys were impressed and are now on the lookout for more policemen to wave to. Job done, he went back across the road to finish his coffee.


Tazeen said...

Interesting ...

Boys in any case are impressed by men in uniforms, esp those happen to help their moms :)

Mummy said...

I am one of the few women, and vertainly the only expat woman I know of, who drink a big motorbike in HK. It is amazing how polite drivers are when they see me - gone are the days of shoving and cutting me up from London.

It helps if I wear a tight t-shirt too!