Friday, 3 October 2008

suited to the job?

Almost without exception every single Bosnian we have met has loved children. Everyone will cootchie coo at the boys, from the girls in the bakery to men walking down the road. Even the 12 year old lads will rush over to come and amuse the kids. Which is why it is so odd that the woman in charge of the children's section of the library should be such a child hating dragon. Think of a jobsworth communist librarian and you are are picturing this woman.

We'd gone to the library to have an explore and found the children's corner, stuffed full of books, toys, tables to sit at and areas to read to your children. Which I duly did, encouraged by the head of the library who was just leaving. Lukey was being a bit boisterous, but nowhere near as loud or energetic as he can be and Adam was reading books beautifully. I read a few books to them both. The child-hating dragon then appeared and gave me a right royal telling off including telling me that she couldn't do any work (her desk, incidentally, was the clearest desk I have ever come across). Shooed out we made a sharp exit.

The prospect of making the library a regular haunt (first ensuring that the lovely and most helpful head of the library was there) to specifically irritate the child-hating dragon is almost irresistible. What else is there to do with such capacity for entertainment during the long cold winter months?

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