Thursday, 9 October 2008

English cars, Bosnian over-taking manoeuvres

Bosnian roads merit many blog entries (let alone the driving that accompanies them). The main routes weave through the mountain ranges, are seldom more than single lane and our poor car hasn't been above 50mph since we got here. Tuzla to Sarajevo is 120km and can take 2 hours. Or, if you get stuck behind a log moving lorry, of which there many more than you might reasonably expect to come across, it can take twice as long. Particularly in a British car. Having the steering wheel on the right makes overtaking difficult and puts a particular onus upon any front seat passengers. Bosnian friends are still getting used to the concept that any lifts with us involve an important driving role. As the car edges out to see whether it is possible to overtake the beer lorry moving at 15mph, the passenger must make the decision to go or not leading to a few over-taking moments that any Bosnian driver would be proud of. The language accompanying the manoeuvre is suitably colourful and I do long, every now and then, for a good bit of peaceful motorway driving.

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WeDoAdventure said...

I've been out driving in a VW combi van a couple of times. It's LHD so changing gear takes a bit of getting used to but apart from that it's not been too bad. I don't envy your overtaking challenges. That's one reason we didn't bring a car with us!

At the weekend we met another 'Brit in Bosnia', also living in Tuzla, who thinks they might have spotted you on a bus!