Wednesday, 17 September 2008

you can doo it if you really want to

D is setting up a software development company in Bosnia and has been going through the fairly torturous process of registering a new company in BiH. Fortuitously combining a trip to pick us all up from the airport yesterday, he also managed to pop into the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations and pick up his registration papers. Champagne all round - metaphorically speaking only. I'd been in sole charge of 2 fairly fractious toddlers on the plane so a cup of tea and an early night was really all I was going to be able to manage in terms of celebrations.

D's company is a limited company which in Bosnia is denoted by the use of d.o.o. after the company name. I love this - there is something so positive about having doo after the company name. ABC doo has a real can do spirit, take on all obstacles, climb those brick walls and emerge triumphant kind of feel. It'll be needed: Bosnian red tape is legendary.

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