Monday, 22 September 2008

is there a professional dog groomer in Tuzla?

Jessie has had her first trip to the vet. Entirely my fault as well. Finally pushed to do some grooming I had to resort to using scissors to get rid of the matted hair around her ears. After a few glasses of wine I probably wasn't as careful as I should have been and caught her skin under her ear. An enormous (thankfully shallow) cut opened up that looked really nasty.

Off to the vet we go. Jess usually loves the vet. She can't wait to get through the doors and then generally precedes to behave really badly, harassing the vet, the technician, the receptionist and anyone else in the waiting room for the treats that she knows are somewhere. She wags her tail, actually she wags her whole body, at the vet and goes into ecstacies of excitement as the vet approaches.

She soon discovered that the Bosnian vet was not quite the same. They took one look at her, got three men, held her down, muzzled her and in rapid succession applied iodine and all the other type of things needed to make her better. Jess was horrified... 'but but but' I could see her muttering 'I'm an English dog! I don't do three men and a muzzle! I do gentle soothing words! I don't do PAIN at the vets!'

The cut is now fully healed. It only cost us a small sum unlike the fortune we would have to be claiming on our pet insurance if we were still in the UK. It was quick, effective and pretty brutal. Jess has to have her booster jabs next month, we shall see if she still bounds into the vets office which such enthusiasm then.


Grande Poobah said...

i wonder if they employ the same techniques in the nursery to keep order?

just a thought


J. said...

Found your blog by chance...My huz, dog (adopted in Bosnia), and I lived in Bosnia for little over a year and now we live in England with our new babe. We miss Sarajevo and Bosnia terribly and have so many fond memories! (I do have the name of a fantastic vet in Sarajevo, but you're in Tuzla, no?)

MattyC said...

Langa obviously feels Jess's pain from afar - she was very subdued today! But think that might have been the mouthfuls of river water and consequent gut-swelling amount of grass that she ate... and then deposited on the kitchen floor. Grrr.