Thursday, 25 September 2008

touch tzping on Bosnian kezboards doesnćt work

Briefly in Mostar for a quick visit to see D's parents who are holidaying in nearby Dubrovnik, I've managed to grab a quiet moment nip to an internet cafe. I was thinking about writing a quick post about playgrounds (Mostar has a great one, although not well maintained and with the highest scariest slide ever seen, Tuzla doesn't really do proper playgrounds at all, a rusty lopsided swing or an unbalanced see saw about as far as it gets there). But as I sat down to write I was reminded about the Bosnian keyboards. I have used one before and for quite a while but I never never got the hang of them - y and z are swopped, there are several more letters (č, ć, ž) which go where I would expect to find : ' and -. There are also š and đ to think about. All in all, it is doing my head in so the post will have to wait for another time.

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