Thursday, 10 July 2008

Saturday night .. at the movies?

D and I have an odd dilemma. Faced with the mountains of packing still to be done we're shipping the boys off to Grandma's for the weekend. This means that for one night only we will be child-free. No need for babysitters, no need to rush back. We can go out and do whatever we like. This can include pubs, drinking and maybe even a spot of dancing. We can go to a late night movie. This is our chance for a big night out before we leave.

We're not sure what to do though. Or, given that most of our local friends also have kids and are not therefore footloose and fancy-free, who to do it with. We haven't been in this situation for years. I'm quite enjoying it. If I devoted as much thought time to packing as I am to Saturday night, we'd be in Bosnia by now.

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