Sunday, 27 July 2008

poo poo face

A has been having a marvellous time recently hanging out with some slightly older children. He is enthralled by them all and has enthusiastically joined in the craze for calling everything poo poo face which he obviously finds absolutely hilarious. L (already one of Trouble's closest friends) also finds it hilarious and is desperately trying to copy his big brother. I'm not all that thrilled - L only has a total vocabulary of about 15 words, and I really am quite keen for 'Mummy' to be added to this list before 'poo poo face'.

There are a number of upsides though - for once it wasn't my boys teaching other toddlers new tricks (a fellow mothers union member is still trying to persuade her daughter not to pull her nappy down in the middle of the road for a quick standing up wee).

Slightly more worryingly, once we get to Bosnia the boys will pick up the language far faster than we will, and I'm going to be completely unaware of what delightful things I am being called whilst in 'mean mummy' mode. On balance, probably a good thing.

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