Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Gotta love estate cars

You would not believe it. We have managed to fit in everything we need for the whole family to live in Bosnia into the back of our car. Admitedly the boys are not driving over with us so we have been able to put the back seats down (and use their flying allowence to transport most of their clothes). Even so, a full on proper heaven sent miracle.

In order to acheive this mighty feat there has been some hard bargaining. Things were classified as essential and luxury, although not without argument.D's attempts to pass off a crate of fine red wine as essential was stopped at source.

There have been some tough ones though. L's favourite toy of the moment is a push along Thomas the Tank Engine which is just to big to put in the car. He has just got old enough to really enjoy it, and I do feel guilty that we are putting it into storage. A loves his scooter more than anything else, but again, it is quite big and bulky so didn't make the cut. I guess part of the payback of the brutal culling of stuff that has been going on is that we'll have to take a trip to the shops in Bosnia and buy most of it back.

Whatever D says, I bet they don't have may favourite saucepan, now languishing in storage.

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