Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sunshine and Cake

Sunshine and cake. Does life get much better? If only there was a bit more sunshine and cake going on around here. The sunshine factor is significantly lacking, our lives more dominated by snow, ice, grey, ice, snow, ice, slush, ice, slipping, ice (do I need to continue?). And there is never enough cake.

So I was thrilled to be given a few awards full of sunshine and full of cake to brighten up my day.

So thank you Young and Younger and Battleplan for my sunshine award

and thank you to Fanciful Alice for this cake award

The rules for these are pretty straightforward, mention the blogger who awarded it to you and select a few other bloggers to pass it onto. But, I don't know who has what, so I'm awarding the award of their choice to the following:

Balancing Books whilst Herding Cats (don't you just think that is one of the best blog names ever?)
Footballers Knees (another contender for best blog name ever)
Young and Younger
E Ora?
Tattie Weasel
Single Parenthood: Tales from the Frontline
mostleast (who is giving up impatience for Lent, how brave is that?!)
Bitchin Wives Club
Lady Mama
Notes from Lapland
Mummy Do That!
Very Bored in Catalunya
Diapers & Dragons

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Alice said...

a haaaarrr!!! I'm so glad my virtual cake did the trick... I can bake you a cake if you like and try to send it, but it could get messy ;-) speak soon x

Very Bored in Catalunya said...

Why thank you very much nice lady, I'll think I'll take the cake if that's OK with you. xx

Gappy said...

Oooh, thanks ever so much. My first award! But I don't know what to choose. I love cake, but I love sunshine too....

I think on the basis that it's bucketing it down with snow outside at the moment, I'll go for a bit of virtual sunshine.

Thanks again. x

Gappy said...

Um.. Not sure how I put it in my sidebar though. Any tips?

Tattie Weasle said...

WOW thanks - I'll go for the sunshine 'cos I need a little of that in grey and damp Suffolk! Really brightened my day!

Paradise Lost In Translation said...

By the way speaking of awards & tags & memes etc, I never apologised for not doing yr Song meme. I kind of exhausted myself mentally & emotionally doing the photo meme abt Charlie & then had probs with internet,power cuts, house hunting cos of a rent hike etc & as u can see I have been blogging v sporadically recently, so didn't have time or energy to think of an example wch didn't spring to mind. BUT wanted to say thnx for thinking of me:o)
sunshine & cake, yes, cd certainly do with soem sunshine, this has been the wettest winter EVER!

peabee72 said...

ooh, thank you! A lovely piece of cake to go with the tea I just made myself... perfect :)


Heather said...

oh thank you! I shall post soon x

Footballers Knees said...

Thank you so much! I've had a rubbish day and that really cheered me up - my first award! Of course, will choose the cake!! XX

ella said...

thank you so much! I feel very honoured x

Teacher Mommy said...

Awww!!! Thank you!!!

Now the conundrum. Am I more sunshine or sweet?

Hmm....I think I'll go with the cake, because it can be all dark and chocolatey and that's much more me than, you know, sunshine and stuff. Since I'm more dark gooey than light-up-your-day, you know what I mean?


Lady Mama said...

Thank you! x Given the choice, I'll always take the cake!

Anonymous said...

thankyou, thankyou, thankyou - I'll get cracking at the weekend but in the meantime I'll just enjoy the sunshine - and cake!!

A Modern Mother said...

Yousumme it up, sunshine and cake. Great combination. Now were can I get some?

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Alice - I'm munching some of your virtual cake right now. BTW - are you a member of Heather's secret post club? If not, you should be!

VBC - cake is good.

Gappy - yay for sunshine. Need some here. I'm rubbish at admin. Are you on blogger. If you are then you need to go to your layout section and then add a picture. Email me if you are struggling and I'll try to do a step by step guide... but be warned, I'm not very techie!

TW - we all need a bit of sunshine right now. x

Paradise - no need to apologise, I'm terrible at doing memes, keep them for months before getting round to it. BTW - I thought your post about Charlie was amazing, one of the best posts I've read in the last year. Really loved it. xx

PB - you're welcome. Make it some Bosnian baklava as shown on the stamps.

Heather - no probs x

FK - I'm a cake girl too! Glad to have cheered you up a bit. Can't believe it is your first award.

Ella - how is the giving up impatience for lent going?

TM - it is a tricky question. xx

LM - cake it is then.

Anon - why not try both.

MM - do you want some? I can give you some, take what you want. x

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

Thank you! I can never get enough cake, so I will snatch that one up.

Hmmmm, of course I could really use some sunshine right now, too. Esp. since it is half-term break here and the only sunshine we've gotten occurred on the one day I had to work!

That settles it. I'm accepting both. ;)

Thank you!!!!