Thursday, 19 November 2009

The X Factor (and children's hospitals)

Just a short note from me today. I went to watch Bosnia play Portugal at football last night and didn't get back until very late indeed last night. I was then ambushed by two energetic boys very early indeed this morning. I can scarcely raise my head out of my coffee cup, let alone string together a coherent sentence. But there is something very important that I wanted to say before I pull the covers over back over my head and continue trying to ignore the forces of nature surrounding me.

Not living in the UK, the X Factor (the British version of American Idol to you American readers out there) has somewhat passed me by. I mean I've heard of this thing called Jedward but don't actually know anything else about it. But, I do know that if you buy the X-Factor single, You Are Not Alone recorded by all 12 of the finalists, then Sony will dontate all of the profits to the children's hospital at Great Ormond St. and that, people, is a very good thing.

Anyone who watched X Factor on Sunday night will have seen Oscar's video highlighting why the Great Ormond Street Hospital needs your support, and will know that Oscar really was the star of the show!

Great Ormond St. Hospital are really hoping that the single will top the charts this weekend. For not only are they in need of the money that such a feat will raise, they also desparately need to raise awareness of just how much they rely upon the public's support to continue their incredible work. So what are you waiting for? You can download it here. It's only 79p.


Anonymous said...

My friend is a physio on the ward at GOSH that was featured in that clip from X-Factor. So much as I hate the show (and believe me, I really hate the show) at last they are doing some good for a great cause!

Metropolitan Mum said...

What a great idea. And I am telling you that in between the two of us, I never ever watch the show, because I think it is absolutely hideous.
Now off to find a place to hide!

nappy valley girl said...

Glad to hear that the money making machine that is Simon Cowell Inc. is giving something back to society.....I have no idea who Oscar is but will pop over to see!

Rebel Mother said...

Not only have I visited GOSH on numerous occasions because my mates kid had a brain tumour, but we help raise funds every Christmas for them. They do an outstanding job there.

My mate kids is now happy and healthy leading a normal life thanks to GOSH.

Love RMxx

Nicola said...

Thanks for highlighting this - I too am way out of the loop with regards to X Factor. But love to support GOSH and this is a great way to do it.

ps. Hope your day gets better!

A Modern Mother said...

Good for you getting this message out with a hang over!

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Mud - I agree it is a great cause so whatever we can do to support. Feel free to post about them too.

MM - X Factor is passing us by completely here. There are some benefits of not living in the UK! Please feel free to post about GOSH too if you feel like it.

NVG - me neither. It is strange when you move abroad and lose really quite a lot of cultural links from missing the talking points of the TV shows. I don't feel that I am missing that much though!

RM - That is brilliant that he is happy and healthy. GOSH really are amazing.

Nicola - thanks!

MM - tragically it is not a hangover, I barely touched a drop. No it is purely a lack of sleep. Got home at 2.30am and got jumped on at 6am. No beer involved at all.

Toni in Ithaca said...

E: Were you watching with Melissa and Alma? Give them our greetings, would you? We're wondering if you or D have family in the flooded region of England. The pix we saw here tonight are horrendous.

Paradise Lost In Translation said...

Wow thanks for this tip. I'v enever seen the X Factor. Our daughter had her heart surgery at GOSH.It is the most amazing, unique, fabulous hospital, and after traumatic experiences in Sri Lankan hospitals wth my under 2 yr old, it was like a dream come true (in a funny sort of way) to be there & to feel safe & in such good trustworthy hands. Her pediatric cardiologist, Martin Elliot(who incidentally I had a very interesting conversation with about the Balkans, he was reading Misha Glenny on the Balkans & was also v knowledgeable the area) was nominated in the top 10 on the "Alternative Rich List" for people who have mad e adifference in society amongst th epoor/marginalised/underprivileged etc. He travels abroad & in 3rd world countries training in paediatric cardiac surgery.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Toni - We did watch the game on Saturday with Melissa. Alma, being a Zenica person, may well have been at the game but I didn't see her there. Thanks for concern about the flooding in the UK, it does look really nasty. We don't know anyone affected but it looks awful.

Paradise - Really? I'm always impressed when people know about the Balkans. I'm not sure which is more scary, Sri lankan hospitals for under 2s or heart surgery on your daughter. Either way it is a distance from the Radcliffe. Glad everything worked out well in the end.

Anonymous said...

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