Sunday, 18 January 2009

I'm in the mood for dancing!

An unexpected night out of fun, dancing and beer for the adults of our household, without having to wipe a snotty nose or debate the merits of making patterns in the snow with wee once. D and I were tragically overexcited.The boys had been left behind with babysitters and we were ready to paint the town red - I'd even put some make-up on (once I'd managed to actually locate my make up bag, which took far longer than it ought).

Downtown Tuzla on a Saturday night was buzzing. The Korzo - the pedestrianised main drag through the centre of town was full of people strolling up and down, despite the freezing temperatures and drifting snow. All the bars were packed, music was being played loudly and everyone was having fun.

We were off to to dinner with some Bosnian friends at the latest restaurant in town, run by the Bosnian equivalent of Jamie Oliver (in the always on tv sense, rather than the changing the eating habits of Bosnian school children sense). He learned his trade in London and is selling a slightly bizarre Bosnian / Indian fusion cuisine, which was really very very good. We were in heaven. I was even more so when it turned out the restaurant he trained in in London is down the road from where I grew up. I've eaten there. For us Brits, used to eating a different type of cuisine every night, it is such a treat to go somewhere where we can get something outside of the usual Bosnian fare.

Buoyed up by the consumption of a fair amount of wine, we were loath to bring the evening to a close, so off to The Underground club we went. We know this venue, we used to go there during our previous stay here in our carefree childfree days when we didn't need to get a babysitter or get up early the following morning. It hadn't changed much and is like many other clubs around the world, but it served beer and had a live band playing covers and (non-turbofolk) Balkan hits. We rocked the night away and had a great evening.

D drew the short straw and had to get up with the boys at 6.30am this morning. He is still suffering.

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