Thursday, 29 January 2009

Doctors and antibiotics

All good things have to come to an end. Realistically, our run without having to make a trip to the Doctors was never going to last. The boys (and D so it is obviously a male thing) have been laid low with a stonkingly high temperature and hacking cough. Temperatures were responding to Calpol and Calprufen, but they were too high for me to be comfortable with, so I bundled my poorly males up and we made our first proper trip to the doctor that we had found way back in August.

It was a drop in clinic, we didn't have to make an appointment and we were seen in a few minutes. Quite refreshing after the NHS queues and battles. We did have to pay (still a shock to our fairly spoilt NHS coddled systems) but it was only 15KM (about £7.50) per visit.The Doctor smiled at the kids, took their temps, looked in their ears and throats, diagnosed flu and promptly dished out about 5 different forms of antibiotics. We are more used to a fairly robust NHS doctor who only prescribed antibiotics if you were dying and 'most definitely not for flu which is a virus and therefore unaffected by antibiotics' so we were surprised, but when in Rome/Tuzla...

Still they have sorted out the slight ear infection Adam had, the temps seem to be under control and I'm hopeful that life will be back to normal by Monday.

In the meantime the weather is dreadful so I don't feel too guilty about snuggling up with the boys and a couple of good dvds of an afternoon.

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