Tuesday, 5 August 2008

there'll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of dover

And there we go. Early start to catch the ferry, wave all the passports - including the stylish blue pet passport and D, Jessie and I were off. Waving farewell to the white cliffs of Dover as we made our way with the holidaying masses to Calais. Through the French countryside we zoomed, stopping only when I realised that we were in the champagne region and virtually threw myself out of the car. Through Germany and Austria we sped, on into the utterly lovely Slovenia, through the north of Croatia and eventually 3 long hot days later, into Bosnia itself.

By this point we were hot, smelly, dirty and very much looking like the kind of folk you do not want to have in your country. So for the first time at a border post we were stopped, grilled and searched. An hour later now possessing the appropriate car insurance for Bosnia and a new fan club for golden retrievers we were finally in.

So here we are. We have moved into our house, more of which later. Now for a few days of serious sorting out, before I fly back to pick up the boys and the real mayhem can begin.

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2 becomes 3? said...

Glad to hear that you have arrived safe and sound - if a bit stinky! G&L are missing their buddies, and I am becoming increasingly desperate for someone to whinge about my children to who will not call social services!! Keep updating us, H xxx