Friday, 29 August 2008

sunny seaside afternoon?

Until I start feeling competent here, D has agreed to work only until 3 and then to come and rescue me from maternal insanity. Taking advantage of a lovely afternoon we thought we'd get out of Tuzla after he finished work and take a trip to Lake Modrac, about 30 minutes away.

Tuzla, being pretty landlocked and also lacking in any proper river (the insipid dribble in the middle of town does not qualify as a river), is blessed by being surrounded by several lakes. Modrac is the largest and is lined with restaurants and a beach side atmosphere.

And indeed it was. The restaurants had palm tree rooves and served good food and cocktails. If you wanted fish you chose the particular fish you wanted from a pool and it was cooked for you there and then. There were multicoloured beach huts lining the water, boys fishing, boats pootling around plying their trade.

Sounds idyllic? Well... not quite. This area was the heavy industrial heartland during the Yugoslav era and the factories are still there - without the environmental protection constraints that might be expected as reasonable. Besides this picture of holiday harmony was a very large factory, channelling its waste in little buckets across the lake and spewing all sorts of noxious looking fumes into the sky.

We spent the rest of the evening feeling faintly sick and just annoyed that something that could be really fun, where a lot of effort had been made to make it special was so spoilt by something so obvious. And bemused as to why the Bosnians hadn't appeared to notice.


Grande Poobah said...

Ha ha

This reminds me of the scenery surrounding Krakow in Poland. As Krakow was seen as the intellectual capital of Poland the powers that be set about to dilute the power of the middle class. Hence they built hulking great smelting plants on the outskirts of the city - on prime farming land AND requiring the ore to be shipped across central Europe to get there.

Stupid on so many levels and all done for a purely cock eyed political purpose.

Still - hope you enjoyed the cocktails as much as possible! Yesterday I was out on a junk around HK and it was truly beautiful - the islands are lovely and the water clear. Then we came back into the harbour - an amazing natural wonder - to be reminded that the government are currently reclaiming even more of it so that they can plough a 6 lane highway along the waterfront!!!!! you couldn't make it up.....

fraught mummy said...

Gotta love the post communist states for their ability to show us why planning permission is a very valuable process!