Thursday, 4 February 2010

Shiny Happy Things

I'm getting progressively more hopeless at keeping up with my blogging etiquette. I've been tagged hither and tither and I can't remember who tagged me or what for. So, in a vain attempt to try and get back on top of it all, I'm sort of doing a meme that I look the look of, but can't remember if I've been tagged for it or not.

But first apologies to Muddling Along Mummy who wanted to see pictures of my wedding dress as part of the wedding dress meme - I've looked but it appears that we didn't bring any pictures of our wedding out to Bosnia with us. Can't think why as it was a cracking day and we had a wonderful time and I blogged more about it on our 5th wedding anniversary last October.

Then a big thank you to Gooner Jamie at the Life and Times of a HouseHusband (if you haven't read his blog go and do so immediately, it is brilliant and will make you laugh) for a tag for something, you are going to get an entry to Rosie Scribbles Shiny Happy Things - because that is what I feel like today. You have to blog about something that always makes you smile, makes you happy.

I like nothing more than a real feel good movie and Mamma Mia was right up my street, I adored it. I made my culture snob brothers watch it last Christmas Eve, I don't think they have forgiven me yet. But, not happy with inflicting pain and misery on them, I have now taken to playing it to my boys to encourage them to release their inner Abba, to not feel silly about leaping around the room looking ridiculous. Adam has clearly got some taste and rolls his eyes every time I put the DVD on. Luke, bless his cotton socks, humours his mother and does all the moves, from pointing at the screen, to the air guitar riffs and whooping with appreciation. The song we all like the best is Dancing Queen. And even my super cool 4 year old, lounging in disdain on the chair, will laugh as Julie Walters gets stuck sliding down the bannisters. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Dancing Queen and defy you not to smile at least once whilst you are watching it.

I've also been tagged by Sandy at Baby Baby in the welcome people meme, so I'm sort of mixing and matching and am going to tag a few blogs that are new to me, and encourage everyone to go and have a read of them too.

Last of the Mojitos
Mothers Ruin
Chic Mama
Mum's Gone To....
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Young and Younger

I know I'm missing some tags. In particular I feel that Laura at Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy tagged me, but I can't find it. So really, I apologise if I've missed you out, a sign of a brain addled by too much indoor time with 2 energetic boys. Where's that DVD player, it must be time to make them dance to Abba again.  YOU CAN DANCE! YOU CAN JIVE! HAVING THE TIME OF OUR LIFE DO DO DOOOOO


Michelloui said...

This made me smile--for several reasons. Firstly, memes and tags. Having recently joined in the meme taggers club I have decided that it really is a lot of effort to be tagged and to tag onwards. Perhaps we should propose a tag-free month?

Secondly, funny! I love the post and the vid. Feel good indeed!

Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

Ah someone else who likes cheesy musicals. It shows a certain self-confidence don't you think?
As a relative newbie I rather like the tagging and memes as they give me some inspiration as to what to blog about (my last one unleashed all manner of secrets!!).

Alice said...

Bravo for inflicting Mama Mia on culture snobs and children!!! We all need a little fun in our lives ;-) This is our favourite film and Isabella calls it 'Honey Honey' and then sings that song for the entire duration ... hmmmmm.

And do you know that I got married on that very island at the very same time they were filming?! I have heard that prices to get married there have gone up somewhat since the film... bit of a change from our 100 euro do! glad we got in there when we did ;-)

Received your email and will get back to you soooooooon xxx

London City Mum said...

You know my views on Abba already, so hats off to you for making others watch the film that they otherwise would have poo-pooed!


Young Mummy said...

I'm pretty sure I'm behind on a meme too - keep meaning to look back and find it! Thanks a lot for the tag..

Chic Mama said...

Mamma Mia just never fails to make you happy does it. Thank you very much for the tag. x

nappy valley girl said...

Abba rocks. Definitely a Shiny, happy song. This is like virtual karaoke!

Iota said...

Fab song.

And I'm glad you're all confused about memes, because maybe that means you aren't offended about the one you passed to me recently that I never quite got round to doing. The one about a song with a specific significance.

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Ah dang .. guess I'll just have to wait and remind you when you're back !

Love that video ... dancing queen .. young and free ..

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I have this album on my iPod and quite happily sing aloud to it at the gym. Who cares if I look like a weirdo - it makes me smile!

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Michelleoui - I'm getting really hopeless at the tags. It is not that I don't want to do it but it takes such a long time! Love the idea of a tag free month.

Trish - Got to love a good sing a long musical. What's not to like!

Alice - you got married there? In that church? How amazing. It does look lovely. hope you are enjoying your break - get in touch when you have time x

LCM - you have exquisite taste in music.

YM - I haven't got a clue what i've lost. Just hoping I'm not offending anyone by forgetting about them.

CM - You're welcome. Keep smiling. x

NVG - very shiny. Very happy. I love it.

Iota - Did I? ;-)

MAM - The whole video just makes me happy. I love the thought of getting together with old friends, being told to grow back down again and having a blast. Soon!

Mud - exactly. Besides, everyone loves it really. Except my brothers but I'll just ignore them.

Kate said...

Abba - brilliant. And my daughters think I'm soooo cool because I know all the words!

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Kate - I knew all that time spent singing into a hairbrush as an early teenager would pay off in the end!

Anonymous said...

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