Friday, 19 December 2008

snowfall and sledges

This'll be my last post for a bit. I'm currently trying to pack for a 2 week jaunt to the Olympic mountain of Jahorina, about half an hour outside of Sarajevo. My family are coming out for Christmas so I'm hopeful of some babysitters to allow me a few free mornings on top of the mountain, with exercise and fresh air. Given that there is currently little snow and a total white out and no lifts are open yet, I'm not holding my breath but we shall see.

The amount of stuff we generate for a 2 week trip is awe inspiring, particularly as I'm not sure if we will have access to a washing machine. We are not being helped in our mission to keep stuff to a minimum by also packing a Christmas tree, a whole bunch of presents, most of our decorations, a sledge, half the kitchen and (as the wind chill is estimated at -14C) every single warm piece of clothing I can lay my hands on.

Jessie is off for a doggy holiday camp of her own. A few people offered to have her over the holidays and she will be spoilt rotten at every single one.

It will be a different Christmas for us all. Fingers crossed Sarajevo airport will remain open and noone is delayed or diverted on the way in (a surprisingly common occurence). Fingers crossed that there is some snow and we get at least some skiing in, otherwise I have no idea what everyone will do all day. Fingers crossed people liked stuffed cabbage leaves - and don't miss their turkey and stuffing too much. It'll be fine, everyone will love it (and repeat to self as mantra for the rest of the day). Happy Christmas one and all.


Alice said...

Happy Christmas to you all. It'll be fine, everyone will love it!!

Grande Poobah said...

I remember that resort - do you still get to ski with hunky Spanish UN peacekeepers?? Yum!

Happy Christmas Family Vest - I'll be thinking of you from the opposite end of the world (Christmas in NZ this year for me)