Wednesday, 3 December 2008

She is one lucky dog

Jess doesn't get to come with us to luxurious hotels, Instead she gets a dose of her own sort of luxury as she goes to stay with various people, and is pampered, preened, made a fuss of and generally has a whale of a time.

This weekend she stayed with some friends who found on the internet a recipe to make doggie cookies, which they proceeded to do. These cookies look like the real thing. They have cinnamon, apple, honey and oatmeal in. Jess has been happily munching on them ever since. Now she has had a taste of the way life can be, she is not impressed with the daily fare served up at home.

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austinth said...

Great post! We drop our lab off at a doggy daycare just down the road from us. Diesel loves it there! They even have the best dog cookies from for all the dogs to snack on!