Saturday, 3 April 2010

Back Again

Literally. I'm back in Bosnia. The boys are staying with my Mum and I'm back in Tuzla thinking that the house is too quiet and what on earth am I going to do with all that time today.

We flew back on Tuesday. Drove through northeastern Bosnia playing our uniquely Bosnian car game - spot the bombed out house, with extra points for the mine signs. The road from Tuzla from Bijeljina is a good one for this game and as I'd spectacularly forgotten to put any toys or anything in the back of the car for the boys to play with on the 3 hour trip to Belgrade (had been thinking of the flight, forgot that the trip to the airport was also a fairly substantial length of time) we were getting desperate for car games to keep them amused. It was a lovely day, English summer like day. Warm, but not too hot. Gentle breeze. Lovely.

We had decided to fly back from Serbia. Unfortunately it was also the day that the Serbian Government had decided to debate the resolution condemning the events in Srebrenica which was also making the Serb border guards jumpy. We spent a long time at the border, making the final drive to the airport a race against time. Mild panic about missing the flight, always conducive to a stress free trip I feel.

Of course we made it, no problems. Of course the boys were perfectly behaved. It was actually a remarkably pleasant journey. We flew across Europe, looking down through the clear skies. We crossed the channel and started our descent into Heathrow, meeting the clouds on our way down. We landed and rain battered the windows.

Mummy? said Adam
Yes Darling?
Does it always rain in England?
Um, quite often, but they do have lots of playgrounds.

And so we were back.


TheMadHouse said...

Oh yes lots of playgrounds. The mini's have listed 6 they would like to visit over the holidays. We did one yesterday and will be doing another one today.

Welcome Back

If I Could Escape . . . said...

Yes, Britain has the most brilliant playgrounds! Can't wait to read more about your journey. We're still somewhat undecided about moving back.

Mwa said...

Rainy playgrounds - they will get used to them.

Iota said...

That last sentence is a damn fine use of understatement.

Anonymous said...

Bless! Don't show him that flooded playground photo you sent me!

Mummy said...

Make sure you buy them wellies!

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

MH - mine haven't seen a playground since November. They were so excited to see a swing!

If I could escape - they really do don't they! And so many of them. Playgrounds are what I missed more than anything else.

Mwa - yup, and wet bottoms.

Iota - Comes naturally to all Brits.

Rosie - ah yes. The time they had to swim to get to the swings. May it not flood like that again for a long time!

Mummy - all the better for jumping in puddles with!