Monday, 2 February 2009

potty training...

It's back to life back to reality for the kids as they were officially classed well enough to go back to nursery, leaving me with a packet of tylolhot and some ibuprofen to get through the morning.

For Luke this means a restarting to potty training. Now he is 2 the Bosnians believe that he is more than ready to use the potty, so at nursery that is what he does. They are right, he probably is ready to start potty training. The thing is, I'm not. It is so much more difficult to do during the winter. Dealing with accidents is not too bad during the summer, but not feasible on a winter time dog walk with 2 pairs of trousers and some waterproofs on as well.

However, potty training has started at nursery, and I need to reinforce the lessons being taught, so potty training we must go. I will have to adapt to a more gradual training process than the from today there are to be no more nappies ever process I used with Adam (British Mummys won't be surprised to know that this is a Gina Ford recommendation). But it is a process that must be gone through and I am not particularly looking forward to it.

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Neighbour1 said...

Least you're not back at work after 11 months Em!
Mind you potty training vs work....