Monday, 13 October 2008

A very English boy

Having worked out that no one else in his class speaks English, Adam has developed a new tactic. Instead of learning Bosnian he is going to teach them all to speak English.

The imperial genes run strong; he is English through and through. If in doubt, bend everyone elses will and get them to speak your language.

It has to be said, his success has been limited.

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ellie said...

Hello! I met an English couple from Mostar, Matt and Rowan, at the weekend and they mentioned they that knew of some other Brits in Tuzla. I'm from London and I moved here to Tuzla in August as I'll be working an English language teacher for a year. Maybe we could go for coffee some time, in true Bosnian style! Get in contact if you'd like to, my email address is