Thursday, 29 April 2010

The final post. Well almost.

This blog has always been about our time in Bosnia. What it was like to be living in Bosnia, the things that I liked, the things that I find odd, the things I found completely incomprehensible. Now we've moved back from Bosnia, the time has come to draw this blog to a close.

When I started it way back when, it was really for me to keep a record of our time abroad and to keep the odd friend and family vaguely in touch with what we were up to. Eventually I discovered a whole blogging community and this turned into a bit of a life line for me. Life with 2 small boys away from home was, at times, very isolating and lonely. I never really found my Mummy niche in Bosnia, never found other mothers I could hang out with with whom I could despair of ever potty training or getting full nights sleep again. But there they all were in the blogosphere. I could read their stories, often funny, occasionally heartbreaking. It was like having a cup of tea and a natter with a mate over the road. For me, it was invaluable and made all the difference to my time in Bosnia. By providing that headspace, I had the mind set to cope with being an expat.

I was also surprised by the number of people in Bosnia who contacted me through my blog. We met people from all over the country, stayed with a few of them and hope that they will remain friends. Yet others contacted us with all sorts of ideas and help with some of the bureaucratic battles that we were always facing and every offer of help and potential contact was very gratefully received.

Our time in Bosnia was amazing. There were ups and downs but the experiences were unforgettable. Bosnia is a wonderful country full of warm, vibrant, funny and ever so generous people. It is a country that is so let down by its leaders, but a country that has so much to offer and so much potential. If you are thinking of visiting then do. Sarajevo and Mostar are wonderful cities to visit as a tourist, the skiing is good, the scenery spectacular and you will be welcomed. If you are thinking of visiting Bosnia at any point then do get in touch, I can direct you to some good literature, give you some ideas for places to go and things to do.

I say this is the final post, really it is almost the final post. I will be posting a few more times, but with useful information for people thinking of moving to Bosnia, importing a car, all those things that we now have a very detailed knowledge about. Again, feel free to contact me if you want any wildly unprofessional advice. I'll do my best.

So, all that remains is to say a big thank you to everyone. I am going to continue blogging, so if you are vaguely interested then do head on over to my new blog Pants With Names.* No idea yet what I'll be whittering about there, but with the situation in Bosnia remaining fairly volatile expect a few posts along those lines and I suspect that the old small boy destruction tactics will also feature largely. Who knows what else, but I expect I'll find plenty to whitter on about. Pop on over, come follow, subscribe, comment.

In the meantime thank you very much and good night!

* Pants with Names being the winning entry judged by me after 3 days driving in the car with my husband and no radio for company. Congrats to Jen at The Madhouse for her winning entry - do you want a bottle of sljivavica in a plastic bottle? If you do, one will wing its way to you shortly. Alternatively I will buy you a drink when we do eventually meet.... which is also Iota's prize for spotting the potential of the name. For some reason she didn't fancy the homemade plum brandy. Was it the fact the we use it to get ticks off the dog that put you off?


Toni in Ithaca said...

Thanks for all the news of Tuzla! We will miss it. Isn't is wonderful to be home? And, don't you miss Bosnia? And how long will it take to get over the culture shock? Took me the better part of a year. I still feel so lucky. Best wishes from us to all of you.

Tattieweasle said...

What a wonderful eulogy for a blog. Off now with indecent haste to Pants with names!

Gappy said...

Have enjoyed reading this blog so much. I feel quite sad actually that there is to be no more Brits in Bosnia. However! I am now off to subscribe to your new blog which I am sure will be just as fab - so see you there. x

Jen Walshaw said...

I "might" be coming to CyberMummy, so the drinks on you Mrs! See you over at Pants then

Iota said...

I'm strongly suspecting you have a set of those ones with the days of the week written on the front.

I'm going to miss this blog, but I'm looking forward to meeting you in person and claiming my reward. And I'm sure the new blog will be just as good.

nappy valley girl said...

I will miss your Bosnian missives, but you have done a great job of conveying a sense of this fascinating country. Looking forward to reading Pants with Names!

Alice said...

well, it's been a pleasure hopping on your journey and I'm off to check out your new blog now and will also update my blog list xxx

Expat mum said...

Oh good, you're not quitting the blog scene them. But please explain, to the ignorant like me, what the new blog name means.

Dorset Dispatches said...

Toni - I think it will take a while, especially to get used to the weather. Freezing and raining and Melissa keeps texting to say how lovely it is in Tuzla right now!

TW - Pants with Names is awaiting your arrival!

Gappy - Thanks. I'm a bit sad there is no more brits in Bosnia too. What am I going to write about?

MH - drinks are on me! Hope to see you there!

Iota - have you been snooping in my knicker drawer?

NVG - thanks. Still not sure what I'll write about, Bosnia offered almost too many things to write about, I never had to think for the topic of a post. Ah well, we'll see.

Alice - Thanks, looking forward to hearing more house boat tales from you!

Expat Mum - explanation on the new blog. But you are British, surely you know the 'just a bit pants' expression?

Jennifer@alphamummy said...

One blog ends, another begins. It's a bit like "When God closes a door..."

Mummy said...

I'll miss your tales from Bosnia. Look forward to the new blog and welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your enjoyable insights into everyday life in Bosnia. I trust the boys will forgive you for all the entertainment they've given us in the process!

Mwa said...

Will be following you there, of course! It's been lovely reading your adventures. I'm sure you'll be just as lovely to read at home.

Unknown said...

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Dorset Dispatches said...

Jen - there is a certain circle of life aspect to it all.

Mummy - thanks. So far we are enjoying being back.

Owen - I'm glad you enjoyed the day to day aspect of life in Bosnia. Certainly is very different to how it can appear on the outside.

Mwa - thanks, glad you enjoyed reading them.

Ralph - didn't know you were such a fan...

A Modern Mother said...

I hate endings, I really do! I feel like I should cry or something. Looking forward to Pants with Names.

Chanda said...

It was a pleasure meeting you and the boys. I wish we could have gotten to know each other better. You lasted a lot longer in Bosnia than I did. Vienna Austria is suiting us much better. Maybe as Bosnia matures and progresses I will find myself there again someday. Tuzla will be forever in our hearts. Good luck to you

Dorset Dispatches said...

MM - me too!

Chanda - glad you are enjoying Vienna, it would be much easier than Tuzla. Hope you manage to find jobs and the dogs are happy! Stay in touch.

Babies who brunch said...

Bit late to the eulogy party - where have the days been going of late? - but I will miss this too as it reminded me of when I lived in Tbilisi.... Hope you don't miss it all too much. We're still plotting about how to leave London. See you at PwN.

Milla said...

Good luck with teh move - over to peer at pants now. And at this early hour, too...

baresytapas said...

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Buttercup said...

have loved reading every blog, wishing you all the best and look forward to your new blog. x

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Gail Mowat said...

are you going back to Bosnia then?

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Anonymous said...

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RSA Online said...

End of an era, learned lots about Bosnia from you

Anonymous said...

Excellent Blog :) Im 20 years old, born in Sarajevo and currently live in Canada but plan to move back in a year or so.

Thank you for the kinds words of my homeland and I hope I can make it there like you have!

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Baby Monitors said...

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Anonymous said...

As a bonsnian living in the UK. I am so glad somebody from the UK has experienced BIH. i hope you were treated with kindness and respect that every bosnian mother drills into her child. You are correct it is a beautiful place that is being miss managed by the Government. Still to this day people have a negative image of bosnia because of the events 20yrs ago. But i guess that's to their determent because they will never experience the openness and kindness of the people. My 2 best friends have been and they have fallen in love with the place and the people. So keep up the good work.

RSA Online Now said...

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