Monday, 28 September 2009

Back to real life.... sigh

On holiday:

The Croatian Coast: according to local legend its islands are 'teardrops from God' and it contains 'the jewel of the Adriatic' (the stunningly beautiful city of Dubrovnik).

The weather: sunny, warm, light breeze, not too hot but warm enough in the evening to sit outside for dinner.

Activities: swimming, skimming stones, looking into fishing boats, watching very glamorous yachts swan around, sitting in the jacuzzi, sipping cocktails, strolling the streets of Dubrovnik and the paths of the nearby islands, playing with Grandparents.

Ice-cream: amazing.

Place to stay: Out of this world. Merits a post all of its own.

Back home:

Tuzla: 'an industrial town without the industry' (my father-in-law).

Fridge: empty

House: trashed and full of suitcases that need to be unpacked, washed and put away

Weather: Really quite chilly!

Lakes: Shut

Ice-cream: not being sold any more.

Activities: A list of chores as long as my arm.

How do we feel about being back home? Mneh.


TheMadHouse said...

SOunds like a fantastic holiday. I can not wait to hear more. Oh and I hate the washing, I am sure it breeds.

Alice said...

I think you need to write a whole post on the holiday thus allowing yourself to ignore the reality of home a while longer ;-)

angelsandurchinsblog said...

I always get round the problem of holiday washing by only taking two sets of clothes per child, none of which need ironing. Yes, they get filthy, but it means a maximum of two washing loads on return. Yes, they look pretty urchin-like by day three, but they're on holiday, so all the better!!

Anonymous said...

Award and meme at mine to cheer you up!

Tattie Weasle said...

I know about that trashing problem I'd like to say it was burglars that did it and claim on the insurance to have it all tidied up but it's all too galling to think its ours - still have yet to unpack properly three weeks on....sounds like you had an amazing time!

ck said...

What a wonderful holiday!

There's nothing worse than returning home, though. I agree with you. It takes me at least a week to unpack and clean and get the house running, even if it was spotless before we left. When did holidays become so much work? Oh, right. After giving birth.

Mwa said...

Poor you! Post holiday mess is horrible!

Please please please some pics of Dubrovnik! Is it as expensive as everyone says, or can I still afford to go there?

whistlejacket said...

I'd love to go there, would like to see some pics too! I hope you get over your post-holiday depression soon.

Gail said...

Hey! At least it didnt rain on your holiday! xx

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Welcome back ! Hope that the house elves sort the mess and that the re-entry trauma passes ok

Metropolitan Mum said...

'industrial town without the industry'
HAHA. I hope things will look brighter soon. You should get yourself an ice cream maker. And sell the ice cream in Tuzla. You can call your shop Tunfulo (my word verification).

Iota said...

Dear Fraught Mummy

Glad you had a good holiday. Sorry about the homecoming.

nappy valley girl said...

It's always crap being back, isn't it? At least for the first two days, until the third day when it feels like you never went away ata ll. At least you had a fantastic holiday - one that can tide you over until the next one....

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

MadH - It was, it was! I will have to write a post about it, but I can't see the computer for the piles of washing

Alice - Head is firmly stuck in sand. Have embarked upon a mad quest to simultaneously unpack and switch all wardrobes from summer to winter whilst clearing out unused/grown out of clothes. Not sure that was wise.

A&U - I like it!

Mud - thanks. Am now smiling.

TW - It'll be time to move back to England by the time I've finished unpacking

ck - holidays did change somewhat after kids...

mwa - it IS expensive, especially coming from Bosnia (we nearly had a heart attack) but you can afford to go there if you go out of season. Go though, as it is amazing.

WJ - Go go. It is a wonderful city.

Gail - I think that is part of the problem. If it had rained I might be more pleased to get home!

MAM - Can you lend me some of your house elves?

MM - Like it!

Iota - Dear Iota, I thought about sending a post card from the coast, but as it would have read so pleased none are you are here as it means the beach is empty and we have the pools to ourselves it wouldn't have been the most friendly! FM x

NVG - Roll on Christmas...

Teacher Mommy said...

Yeah, I had a good weekend (not as fabulous as your vacay, but still) and coming back to reality is overrated.