Wednesday, 5 August 2009

No Domestic Goddess

So it turns out that the thing that I thought was a part of a coffee machine (and spent fairly considerable lengths of time in trying to locate the rest of it so I could increase my already high caffeine intake) is, in fact, a part of the vacuum cleaner.

I'm going to gloss over the fact that I wasn't too worried about not having a hoover.

Having now got one (but still missing a good coffee maker) I gave it to the boys and let them lose in the car. I feel we had a constructive afternoon; the car is no longer a health hazard and the boys have a new love. Long may it last.

While I'm at it, the latest British Mummy Bloggers Carnival is up at NixdMinx, get over there!

And if I'm in a bossy mode and telling you to go places (just be pleased I haven't waved a hoover in your face), have a look at the Great Toy Guide for reviews of toys written by real Mums having actually let their children lose at them. We contribute occasionally, and, you can be assured, my boys can give the toys a real testing.


TeacherMommy said...

I dream of the days when I can let my boys loose to clean things up. The Widget "mopping" the floor with a baby wipe doesn't quite count.

Mwa said...

Long may it last indeed. I let the kids play outside with chalk and then I let them clean it up with water and soap, which means I now have chalky splotches on my terrace.

nappy valley girl said...

Haha! That sounds exactly the kind of thing I would do.

Good plan to get the boys to clean the car. I might try the same....

Metropolitan Mum said...

We should found a club. I cleaned (or at least I tried to) the coffee maker yesterday, only to have the steam thing go off, burning my face and my neck. These things are dangerous, I tell you!

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

TM - I just give them the mop and let them at it. I do usually have to clean up afterwards, but it is fun whilst it lasts.

Mwa - me too! drawing dragons and blasting them with water pistols is a very favourite game chez Brits!

NVG - glad it isn't just me...

MM - I just need to get a coffee maker now my hopes have been cruelly dashed by having what I thought was one turned into the much less fun implement of hoover!

Rebel Mother said...

Oh, how I laughed!

Parts of a coffee machine muddled with a vacuum cleaner.

You definately need some caffine!


Anonymous said...

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