Sunday, 21 June 2009

Is that cricket?

Dave loves cricket. Absolutely adores it. Will watch all 5 days of a test match and then watch another 5 the following week. Has seriously been considering going back to the UK for the entire summer this year in order to watch England play Australia in The Ashes series. Sadly for him, he also abhors Sky and refuses point blank to buy any channel they offer, muttering darkly about the evils of media control and using words that are not printable in any way or form. This (and an ability to adhere to principle which I can only admire) means that he has not been able to watch cricket on TV for the past 4 years.

Earlier this week he casually switched on the TV and nearly fell over in shock and excitement to discover that the TV was showing the 20/20 World Cup live (for the American and non-British readers who don't have a clue what I am talking about, it is a big cricket competition and all terrifically exciting). Not only were they showing it, but it was complete with Bosnian commentary.

Where, we asked ourselves, did they find a Bosnian with enough knowledge of cricket to commentate? They seemed to know what they were talking about - at least we heard cries of 'sest!' and 'cetiri!' in the appropriate places (that meaning six! and four!), and suitable intakes of breath at a disguised googly. Tragically we then let the side down a bit by spending the rest of the evening in an attack of the giggles, imagining the Bosnian translations for 'gosh, is that a pigeon flying over silly mid point?', 'I say, this lemon drizzle cake sent in by Mrs. Miggins of Upper Toddington is jolly good', 'the batsman's Holding, the bowler's Willey' and 'Oh Aggers, do stop it'.

We had to wonder if there was anyone else in this country watching the matches? And we had to remark upon the irony of having to live abroad to watch an English national game live on TV. Dave is waiting with bated breath to see if he will get to see The Ashes after all.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Fraught Mummy, hello from Sarajevo! This is very exciting news - can I ask what channel this miracle was happening on? Thanks

SandyCalico said...

Great news :-)
My husband was listening to the cricket commentary the other day and was delighted to hear "Rice bowls, Paddy fields"!

Kathryn said...

I too am gobsmacked - we don't get any cricket in Italy and they have absolutely no idea what it is!! Good for Bosnia!

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Hello Anon - the 20/20 final was last night and they were showing it on one of the Eurosport channels (so probably Serbian commentary I guess). Does that help?

SC - Brilliant!

Kathryn - it was a surprise. Wimbledon starting today so a good dose of British sport coming up.

Anonymous said...

I'm writting from Slovenia and we've been asking our selfs the same question over and over again:
So we're delighted to hear that and happily greet the effort of anybody in BiH whilling to chase the dream. my contact ... please do write with any questions.
@Kathryn: Italy is in 2nd european cricket division so I guess they know somethin bout the game. You just need to wonder to working suburbs and you'll mos def find an improvised ground here or there.


Anonymous said...

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