Thursday, 14 August 2008

Olympic Dreams

Obviously you can watch extensive coverage of the Olympics in BiH. But it isn't the same. I want massively biased coverage! I want to feel part of the movement as the whole country unites in its new found ability to talk expertly about fringe sports (" I think you'll find the synchronicity points for that dive will exceed the execution ones..."). I want to see the replays of England's few medal moments over and over again! I want Adrian Chiles and Sue Barker!

I don't want to see the Croatian water polo team in their very tight red and white checked trunks at 6.30am. It wasn't pretty.

*** updated later on in the day****

They haunt me - innocently checking the Guardian website and I was confronted by this picture. It still isn't very pretty.

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Grande Poobah said...


especially when this year the eye candy for the ladeez is phenomenal

as you know, I'm not one who's in favor of objectifying people as, y'know, mere physical objects. however as the boys have got away with doing it for years, i think a little quid pro quo is in order

have you SEEN Bradley Wiggins in that lycra????