Saturday, 18 April 2009

An uncertain future

One of the things about writing a blog about living in Bosnia is that I'm aware of the need to every now and then set the context. UK and US bloggers don't need to write about the Credit Crunch, the recession or global economic meltdown, everyone knows more than they ever thought they would about that already. But, bar the Bosnians, most readers of this blog have no idea about Bosnia beyond that there was a pretty nasty war here a while back.

In general, that is more than enough needed to read the posts. I specifically want this blog to be about day to day living in Bosnia which really isn't that different from living elsewhere in Europe. However.....(and that is a big word). The political situation here is tense. Really tense. Occasionally it becomes a little less tense but the fundamental problems and issues remain. The UK and US media haven't really been reporting it, but I just read an article in The Economist from earlier this month: Bosnia's Future: A Tearing Sound, which finishes off saying that there is a remote but very real chance that the country could slip back into conflict, particularly if the politicians continue to play on the fears of the population. It also says that there is no appetite for war amoungst ordinary Bosnians, and that could not be more true.

I don't think the article was written following any particular incident. The situation has been tense here for a while (see earlier posts Getting Tenser and Letting Some Steam Out of the Pressure Cooker) and although the new EU representative who oversees Bosnia has arrived it does seem to be more of situation normal here, so fingers crossed the article was in response to a general kind of feeling rather than knowledge of anything specific.

We obviously worry, we are here with 2 small children and we do not want to find ourselves in the middle of a nasty situation. Despite the political wranglings, day to day life has not been affected. So all we can do is watch and hope that the politicians respect the wishes of the people and do not bring the prospect of a return to conflict any closer than it already is.


WeDoAdventure said...

That the situation hangs in the balance is a sobering thought. It would be horrible to see fifteen year of rebuilding and recovery, as least as far as normal people's lives are concerned, wiped out by selfish political agendas.

Maternal Tales said...

You're right. You must have a very different perspective on life when you have that to worry about as well. As if it isn't hard enough to bring up children anyway! Fingers crossed things settle down.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

WeDoAdventure: You are right - it would be awful. And it is political agendas, which is what makes me so angry. Still, down in Mostar you have a more immediate picture of political ineptitude and selfishness than we do up in Tuzla.

MT - we have everything crossed that it will all sort itself out. But, if the worst comes to the worst we know that we can always leave. It is the Bosnians who really have the worry and the different perspective.

ck said...

Wow. Thank you for posting that insight. It adds a lot of context to your blog, which I read regularly, so I appreciate it. also makes me feel pretty lazy that I didn't know this stuff on my own.

Catherine said...

Hello Fraught Mummy, I came across your blog while doing research on expat blogs,(I'm a freelance writer), your blog is interesting and with your permission I'll put it on my blog roll.
However, one thing you might just want to alter is the bit in your side bar that says you "bought your sons over to Bosnia". Unless you really did purchase them I think you need an "r" in there!

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Ah, yes. Wonder if I can get sale or return for ones that eat their vegetables and listen to their mummy.

Thanks for pointing that out and for a link in your blog roll. Keep me updated on any articles - I'm always interested to read stuff about expats.

Sparx said...

You're right, most of us don't know much at all about Bosnia and that's a pretty scary climate to live in. Thanks for coming over to my blog by the way - to punish you I've just tagged you in a Meme, drop over if you're interested in following up.