Sunday, 29 March 2009

Tuzla has an airport!

Apparently, and I'm not holding my breath because this is Bosnia and because I'm not going to get my hopes up, but apparently, Tuzla not only has an airport (which I knew) but said airport now operates international flights. Sadly, not to the UK which would be so exciting it would probably kill me, but to Frankfurt which is at least a big airport with lots of connecting flights to useful places.

Since BA stopped flying to Sarajevo in October, any flight back to England requires a transfer somewhere en route. Stopping over seems so much more alluring without children. A cup of good coffee in Budapest? Yes please! But if I do have to run the gauntlet of an airport transfer with 2 small boys full of hyperactivity having been sitting still for at least an hour and hyped up on rubbish food, the prospect of the flight is hugely improved by not having to drive 3 hours to Sarajevo before we even get onto the plane.


WeDoAdventure said...

Mostar has an airport but we've never seen any sign of life there, domestic or otherwise!

Anonymous said...

Paradise Lost In Translation said...

We now have daily flights to London, a yr ago it was 3 a wk, but who are all these people visiting Albania? I guess it's the Albania mafia popping home from Soho every now & then (tho wdn't they do so on private jets??) It is the closest we've lived to an airport, it's so small, & so is Tirana really. Takes 20 mins to get there. bliss. When we lived in Sri Lanka 2006-2008 we used to have to stop over in Abu Dhabi or Doha or somewhere in the Gulf for FIVE hours. AT 9.30 pm at night. It was SO AWFUL. And you coudl only use local currency. Doh! So I really empathise with you.

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